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Whitney Webb

Whitney is arguably a genius. Her depth and breadth of knowledge coupled with a unique ability to pull up facts, figures, names, dates and assemble them into coherent, logical, understandable points places her in the top tier of researchers, analysts and teachers.

Watching her I am struck as I suspect most people are by the thought that she is just way too young to have the depth and breadth of knowledge she obviously has, and amazingly adept at pulling related bits together on the fly.

As an extremely desirable guest among counter-state media programs, available videos of her on popular shows is an extensive list. Topics cover the gamut of things The Deep State would rather we did not know.

Rather than select one and republish here, I present to you a great shopping list. Choose your topic and enjoy her presentation(s).
Here is a web search of videos with Whitney Webb in them. It creates a heckuva shopping list, all of which I suspect are well worth watching.

I would be remiss if I neglected to mention her published books, both of which are in my library of “will read real soon”… I am just one Round-Tuit away from an attractive book collection.


As you probably know, Googoo/EeewToob are major players in the data-mining, dossier-building and propaganda businesses. When you go to their sites they have trackers that follow your Internet activity afterwards. Everything you look at is noted by them, every message you send is tracked, analyzed and stored.

While they obviously know nearly everything about me, I still resist in the little ways I can. Thus I do not use EeewToob directly. I paste video links of interest into a free Linux application called Video Downloader. They come to my local data storage leaving no other tracks. I then disconnect from the Internet and watch them at my leisure without being followed during or afterwards.