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pictures from our cold snap

I suppose if you grew up in Wisconsin, Michigan or North Dakota, this wouldn’t be all that impressive.

But I grew up in coastal northern California and haven’t lived anyplace that touched yesterday’s minus 41 low, let alone today’s minus 28/29.

Dang, that bites… Literally… chews on, stings whatever skin you offer up to it.
Storm doors, double-pane windows … yeah, they all grow frost coats.

My foresight to install wood heat and stock up on both free kindling and moderately affordable local forest BTUs is looking rather clever today… wait until the electricity shuts off for a bit.

Wow! Genius!!!

We took yesterday off from wood heat. It was just too darn cold to go across the yard to fetch a log refill for our porch stash of cordwood.

Today I turned ‘toasty-warm’ back on, determined that it will be worth it to take a trip or two across the yard in the balmy afternoon warmth – expected to be a PLUS 11… still 21 degrees below freezing, but an improvement nonetheless.