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Who moved Darby to north of Medicine Hat, Alberta?

I went to sleep with Darby in its rightful Montana banana belt location and woke up smack dab in the colder areas of Alberta, Canada. I looked for the blue-colored alcohol in my indoor-outdoor thermometer this morning to find with a shock a reading of MINUS 41 degrees Fahrenheit!

My friend with his Kubota plow and I with my Sportsman ATV plow got the recent snowfall moved off key areas yesterday when it was a balmy -12. I had the wrong mittens on, freezing my hands to immobility and suffering five minutes of painful recovery back in the warm house. I am sure glad it wasn’t really cold.

About then my wife waved in my face the end-of-season-sale snowmobile mittens I bought a year or two ago… adding an unflattering inference or two about the wisdom of using mil-spec mittens without the wool insert gloves they were designed around. I am not likely to forget the better ones anytime soon.

Today I am quite grateful there is nothing demanding I go outside.

I understand there are many places in northern continental USofA suffering extraordinary cold snaps thanks to the geoengineers … and, furthermore, there are many whose exposure to it are not optional. Better thee than me.