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Global vaxx, biowar, genocide, medical war

I have ten links and article clips to share with you on the subject. It would be difficult for an open mind having Internet access to not know this is going on and very, very real. However we all know people whose eyes and minds are slammed shut on the subject. I am very sorry for them, but do not add to their troubles by alienating them with my alarms.

You, on the other hand, can use all of the reinforcements I can muster … and a lot more… just doing my part here.

This post shares both good news and bad. It is nice that so many have avoided the media and political blitzkrieg pushing their poison… remaining among “The Unvaxxed” also known as “Purebloods”.

Ask your most avid Trump fans what his “Operation Warp Speed” was supposed to accomplish, and more to the point, whose side is he really on. NOBODY who rises to power in this world owned by the central banksters is on your side. NOBODY. There is no white night in shining armor coming to save us. We win or we don’t … on our own.

Meanwhile, it is important that we know what they are doing in their thoroughly published plans to reduce the global human population by 97%. Odds are that neither you nor I are among the 3% they plan to keep alive as slaves. We won’t serve in that role very well.

This post focuses on their assaults employing the medical establishment. I don’t want to paint them all as bad guys, but the majority are going along with the plan, happily collecting their paychecks in exchange for doing whatever the Big Guys in the Vaxx and Pharma industries recommend. The difference between malevolence and ignorance does not much matter to me.

Below are snapshots from the news that are very real, but not presented via complicit lamestream media.

– Ted

DEATH SENTENCE: 1 Million COVID Vaccinated have died in England compared to just 61k Unvaccinated in 2 years; despite 30% of the Population refusing a single dose of the COVID Injection
Ted note: That is 6.1% unvaccinated deaths vs 93.9% deaths among the vaxxed
According to the UK Government department known as the UK Health Agency (UKHSA), by 3rd July 2022, 18.9 million people had refused the first dose of the COVID-19 injection, 21.5 million people had refused the 2nd dose of the COVID-19 injection, alongside 2.6 million people who had received the first dose but refused the second, and 30.4 million people had refused the third dose of the Covid-19 injection alongside 8.9 million people who had received the second dose but refused the third.

OB-GYN Drops Alarming Miscarriage Data Before Congress: “I’ve Never Seen This Before”
Dr. Kimberly Biss, an OB-GYN who has been involved in 8,000 pregnancies, details how miscarriage rates have doubled year-over-year since the introduction of the COVID-19 injections.

“I’ve never seen this before,” testified Dr. Kimberly Biss, an OB-GYN who has been involved in 8,000 pregnancies, before Congress in the “Injuries Caused by COVID-19 Vaccines” hearing Monday.

“How many of your patients or pregnant women that you know of experience miscarriages after taking the COVID-19 vaccines — or injections?” asked representative Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA).

Dr. Biss first explained that the vaccination rate among her patient population was about 60% and that most of the patients received three injections. “Very few received four or more.”

“What’s concerning,” detailed Dr. Biss, “is the majority of the patients received their injections in 2021 and early 2022. However, we’re still seeing lingering effects.”

Health Agencies Reportedly Withhold Vaccine Injury Data
An investigation published in the British Medical Journal investigation alleged that the Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System (VAERS) has a “separate, back-end system.”

“Not only have staffing levels failed to keep pace with the unprecedented number of reports since the rollout of covid vaccines but there are signs that the system is overwhelmed, reports aren’t being followed up, and signals are being missed,” the report said.

The BMJ report found that “in stark contrast to the US government’s handling of adverse reaction reports on drugs and devices, the publicly accessible VAERS database on vaccines includes only initial reports, while case updates and corrections are kept on a separate, back end system.”

“Officials told The BMJ that this was to protect patient confidentiality—but this means that patients, doctors, and other public users of the database have access only to an incomplete and uncorrected version.”

Although VAERS claims to process reports quickly, the BMJ’s investigation revealed that “in the face of an unprecedented 1.7 million reports since the rollout of covid vaccines, VAERS’s staffing was likely not commensurate with the demands of reviewing the serious reports submitted, including reports of death.”

The report noted that while other countries have linked deaths to mRNA vaccination, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), which manages VAERS, “has not acknowledged a single death linked to mRNA vaccines.”

‘We’ve Never Seen Dying at This Rate’: Critical Care Expert Sounds Alarm on ‘Staggering’ Excess Deaths in U.S.
A critical care physician joined “The Ingraham Angle” Thursday to discuss why insurance actuaries are showing a “staggering” 158,000 more deaths among people in 2023 compared to 2019.

“In the first nine months of this year, 158,000 more Americans died unexpectedly than in all of 2019. That’s more than the casualties in every war since Vietnam. All of them combined,” host Laura Ingraham began.

“Now actuarial reports that young people are being disproportionately affected here. Mortality was 26% higher among insured 35 to 44 year olds and 19% for 25 to 34 year olds,” she said, adding that overall COVID deaths have dropped 84% since 2021.

US Navy whistle-blower who exposed spike in pilot heart-related conditions post-vaccination has been placed under investigation
An active-duty officer, Navy Health Administrator and Medical Recruiter in the US Navy Medical Service Corps blew the whistle and revealed data indicating a significant rise in heart-related issues among military pilots following covid injections. Two weeks later he was placed under investigation.

According to the data from the Pentagon’s Defence Medical Epidemiology Database (“DMED”) presented by Lieutenant Ted Macie, there has been a dramatic increase in various heart-related ailments among fixed-wing and helicopter pilots in 2022.

The figures show dramatic increases in hypertensive disease (36%), ischemic heart disease (69%), pulmonary heart disease (62%), heart failure (973%), other forms of heart disease (63%) and cardiomyopathy (152%) compared to the pre-2022 five-year average.

Fauci-Run Montana Lab Conducted Experiments with Wuhan Coronavirus Strain Over a Year Before Global Outbreak
An investigation has revealed that the National Institutes of Health (NIH), led at the time by the disgraced former director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID), Dr. Anthony Fauci, conducted experiments involving a ‘SARS-like’ virus known as WIV1. These tests were conducted in a Montana lab in 2018, more than a year before the Covid-19 pandemic wreaked havoc across the globe.

Is The CDC Covering Up A Bioweapon Lab In California?
Officer Harper Continued Down The Hallways Of Freezers And Laboratory Equipment To Find The Source Of The Green Garden Hose. What She Found Was A Makeshift Storage Room Emanating A Foul Odor. Inside Were Approximately 1,000 Laboratory Mice In Crowded Conditions. Officer Harper Would Later Learn That These Were Transgenic Mice, Specifically Genetically Modified And Bred To Simulate The Human Immune System For The Purpose Of Laboratory Experimentation. On Future Inspections, She Also Saw That The Mice Were Unwell And Abused, With Fraying Hair, Rashes, And Distended Bellies.

Officer Harper Knew That This Warehouse Was Not Licensed Or Permitted For Any Laboratory Functions. She Also Knew That There Were Over A Half-Dozen Other Building Code Violations That She Spotted In Her Brief Walk Inside The Building. What Officer Harper Did Not Know, However, Was That Her Investigation Of This Green Garden Hose Would Uncover A Laboratory Filled With Thousands Of Vials Containing Pathogens And Other Unknown Biological And Chemical Substances.

EPA Tentatively Rejects The Center For Biological Diversity’s Petition To Regulate PVC As A Hazardous Waste

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has tentatively declined to characterize discarded polyvinyl chloride (PVC) as a hazardous waste under the Resource Conservation and Recovery Act.

In tentatively rejecting the Center for Biological Diversity’s (CBD) petition, the EPA is signaling that not all PVC plastic presents a substantial hazard and that the existing statutory framework is sufficient to address potential environmental risks presented by PVC.

Health Ranger Mike Adams warns of shocking levels of GLYPHOSATE weed killer in some organic foods

The Health Ranger Mike Adams has warned that even organic foods are not entirely safe from the herbicide glyphosate that causes various health issues.
During an episode of the “Health Ranger Report,” Adams disclosed that he found shocking levels of glyphosate in a batch of organic black beans that he tested. His analyst informed him that the said batch had a glyphosate concentration of more than 650 parts per billion.

The Natural News and founder said this was definitely a cause for alarm because organic beans, legumes or vegetables do not contain concentrations of glyphosate at that level. Moreover, organic foods are not supposed to test positive for glyphosate as the herbicide cannot be used on organic crops. A study showing that glyphosate is prevalent in organic foods, not just genetically modified ones, unfortunately backed up his finding.

Antidepressants can cause ‘chemical castration’