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Beware Eagle Pass Texas Trap

On January 27th, I posted a warning about Eagle Pass being a setup to entrap patriots into a potential disaster. My warning was primarily inspired by this video by Michael Yan on Info Wars. Whatever you think of Alex Jones, he is correct A LOT. Which is something that cannot be said about the dominant news sources. For the most part, Alex stays out of Michael’s way as he explains his research, analysis and why he fears for those activists who are heading for this border trap. His message and evidence fit well with my own observations … that is, it smells like the truth. In a few days we will know for certain, but I sure wouldn’t take […]

Whitney Webb

Whitney is arguably a genius. Her depth and breadth of knowledge coupled with a unique ability to pull up facts, figures, names, dates and assemble them into coherent, logical, understandable points places her in the top tier of researchers, analysts and teachers. Watching her I am struck as I suspect most people are by the thought that she is just way too young to have the depth and breadth of knowledge she obviously has, and amazingly adept at pulling related bits together on the fly. As an extremely desirable guest among counter-state media programs, available videos of her on popular shows is an extensive list. Topics cover the gamut of things The Deep State would rather we did not know. […]

border crossing benefit packages

I copied and pasted the story from GAB below, but the key ingredient is right here: “He told me once he entered into our country our government issued him a social security card along with $2200 dollars a month from SSI and is tax exempt for the next 7 years. He told me that it cost him and his family absolutely nothing to live as they receive free taxpayer funded benefits ! That they live and eat for free and send all the money they receive back into Mexico. “ My wife and I both had our incomes forcibly taxed constantly throughout our 45-year working careers. Supposedly that money would come back to us with genuine cost-of-living increases to […]

Fasting Day 28

I managed another day on my somewhat long-term fast. Yep, still have eaten nothing this month or this year. While I personally know nobody else who has deliberately missed more than two meals in a single day, in the world of fasting proponents, students, clinicians, and counselors, 28 days is merely medium. I started off this year with a 20 day target; exceeding my personal best of 11 by almost double. As I mentioned in prior posts, spending plenty of time with high levels of human growth hormone running through my system which itself is in a powerful healing state of autophagy was the primary point of this deprivation. Unfortunately, by Day 20, the healing battles were still raging […]

Texas false flag alert – don’t go

You’d have to be living under a rock to have not heard about the Texas convoy. Most of us get all “HOO-RAH” over the concept of The People finally rising in resistance to an over-reaching fascist state. That’s all well and good, but I hope we do not lose another batch of early resistors to a cleverly-laid trap. It is all clear and well-documented what happened to the great January 6th People’s Rally after the ludicrous Biden/Trump election show. All Rule-Of-Law semblance was cast aside to take potential resistance leaders off the playing field. Anyone who could find the time and inspiration for travel to DC for a great show of solidarity and support of ‘A Free Country’ was […]

support your troops – aiding your body’s defenders

We do not have to know it is going on. Most of the time we don’t even have to help. Our hunter-gatherer machines Just Do It. Our most important role on a regular basis is: Do Not Hamper Your Defense System. Phlegm – an unsung hero. It not only kills invaders, it expels them via drainage and coughing. Don’t fight that. Thousands of dollars-worth of big-pharma shelving tries to capture your money in order to suppress this defensive system. DON’T DO IT. The same can be said for sinus drainage. Helping it is good. Hampering it is bad. Your nose, mouth and eyes are obvious entry points for pathogens. However, tears, mucus and saliva contain an enzyme that breaks down […]

Eating food is a tough habit to break – fasting day 20

Today marks the 20th day of my 2024 January fast. I still have not eaten anything this year – and may not resume anytime soon. Last night I was reading my fasting journals from 2020 (9 days), 2021 (10 days) and 2022 (11 days). My physical reactions are similar each time I put my body into super-self-healing mode. Several of nature’s regeneration tools join fasting’s hyper production of Human Growth Hormone and Autophagy system to search-and-destroy invaders trying to compromise my health, while rebuilding healthy cells from toenails to hair, piece-by-piece. I still get tired early and have a slightly elevated temperature in the evenings. The body says “bundle up and rest”. So I bundle up and rest. Some directives […]

“Arctic Blast” is continuation of the weather wars against us

Below are excerpts from an article by two of the highest-level weather experts on Earth today. I also include a video the co-produced covering the topic well. I have done quite a bit to expose the weather manipulation by The Evils and their unwitting accomplices (I often wonder where you find people smart enough to dress themselves and fly airplanes while stupid enough to poison the planet they, their families, their friends, and their natural ecosystem occupy). These two guys have far greater expertise, credentials and have devoted a lot more time to investigation, research and working to warn the populace about the weather assaults we are living under. See one of my videos to the left, and/or three more […]

fasting puts me in awesome company

Here are some great quotations on fasting. It seems many of the great names in history found power in fasting – and said so quite publicly and clearly. Thinking about it, only recently did fasting fall into disfavor… supplanted by “fast food” … which, for nutritional value is far worse than nothing. The hunter-gatherer life our bodies are designed around fasted every time their local food source became scarce. As a regular thing, it is as natural as sunrise. A little starvation can really do more for the average sick man than can the best medicines and the best doctors. Mark Twain The best of all medicines are resting and fasting. Benjamin Franklin Fasting gives you confidence to know that […]

pictures from our cold snap

I suppose if you grew up in Wisconsin, Michigan or North Dakota, this wouldn’t be all that impressive. But I grew up in coastal northern California and haven’t lived anyplace that touched yesterday’s minus 41 low, let alone today’s minus 28/29. Dang, that bites… Literally… chews on, stings whatever skin you offer up to it. Storm doors, double-pane windows … yeah, they all grow frost coats. My foresight to install wood heat and stock up on both free kindling and moderately affordable local forest BTUs is looking rather clever today… wait until the electricity shuts off for a bit. Wow! Genius!!! We took yesterday off from wood heat. It was just too darn cold to go across the yard […]

Who moved Darby to north of Medicine Hat, Alberta?

I went to sleep with Darby in its rightful Montana banana belt location and woke up smack dab in the colder areas of Alberta, Canada. I looked for the blue-colored alcohol in my indoor-outdoor thermometer this morning to find with a shock a reading of MINUS 41 degrees Fahrenheit! My friend with his Kubota plow and I with my Sportsman ATV plow got the recent snowfall moved off key areas yesterday when it was a balmy -12. I had the wrong mittens on, freezing my hands to immobility and suffering five minutes of painful recovery back in the warm house. I am sure glad it wasn’t really cold. About then my wife waved in my face the end-of-season-sale snowmobile mittens […]

Ask your doctor if autophagy is right for you

I would be very surprised to find a pharma-prescription-writer who knew anything about autophagy, let alone about what a healing powerhouse it is. That would be a fun exercise to try out if you know something about it yourself. I have not eaten anything this year – I am completing my 10th day of a fast I hope to pursue for another 10 days. All motivated by autophagy and its almost amazing ability to enable our bodies to heal themselves – even curing things you did not know were out of whack. I was inspired by the impressively swollen lymph nodes in my neck. I resigned myself in November to undertake a fast, but decided I was going to […]

Global vaxx, biowar, genocide, medical war

I have ten links and article clips to share with you on the subject. It would be difficult for an open mind having Internet access to not know this is going on and very, very real. However we all know people whose eyes and minds are slammed shut on the subject. I am very sorry for them, but do not add to their troubles by alienating them with my alarms. You, on the other hand, can use all of the reinforcements I can muster … and a lot more… just doing my part here. This post shares both good news and bad. It is nice that so many have avoided the media and political blitzkrieg pushing their poison… remaining among […]

The History of the Pharma Cartel

I have read a lot about how Rockefeller crushed honest medicine and created the AMA/CDC/Big Pharma monster we have today. I have never seen it put together as well as what the Dr. Rath Foundation published. I share its entirety below with links to the originator plus those they embedded into their expose’. I also took a trip to Dr. Rath Health Foundation and went slightly deeper than their home page checking on their “GMO Archives” as a for-instance look around. That sold me. They are the real deal. The information matches related stuff that has passed my “smell test” – as in it smells like the truth, and I find no gaps in credibility. – Ted The History of […]