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A friend sent me this facebook video link:

I watched it, finding reinforcement rather than information that was particularly new to me. I sent him the following response.

I have been trying to do what he did for a while now at, and my Brighteon video channel. I am certainly glad he is getting that information out to more people … and using other words, tools and examples. We are clearly under attack … and in ways many people will find difficult to believe. They may have to hear it many, many times in dozens or perhaps hundreds of ways before the information can break through the barriers to comprehension of incomprehensible evil with nearly unlimited resources at their disposal.

These videos from my Brighteon video channel are particularly on his weather manipulation point: 

Here is a selection of posts I put up at Bitterroot Bugle regarding weather manipulation:

Every bit as bad are their other uses of directed energy which your facebook video publisher alluded to:

While we were at Hill Air Force Base, Utah in 1970, I had two roomates who were on the base police force. One of their assignments was to keep people from witnessing laser weapon experimentation going on in remote parts of that installation. Given the changes we have witnessed between the computers we operated then and what is available now, imagine what changes have taken place in the field of lasers and directed energy during the same time period. Unsurprisingly, the science and scientists have worked diligently to enable their sponsors to do incredible things with those technologies … not always to mankind’s or nature’s benefit.


This website is a gift to my community from a pensioner dedicating a bit of his life attempting to help preserve humanity, integrity, honor and liberty – a world under attack. If I help one person find our side of the rampart, or help the resolve of one who found it via another path, my time and money have been well spent.

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