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President celebrates impairment month

The poster boy for obvious impairments had his office proclaim December as National Impaired Driving Prevention Month, while this administration with its dementia puppet front man drives this once proud country into the dustbin, or sewer of historical has-beens.

I tripped over a November proclamation from The White House that December will officially be National Impaired Driving Prevention Month. The irony struck me.

The POTUS office is irrefutably in the most important driver’s seat on Earth. When I look up synonyms to “operator” I find these to be particularly relevant: actor, counterfeiter, dissembler, deceiver, feigner, duper, trickster, bluffer, imitator, misleader, copycat, impersonator, imposter, poseur, mimic, impostor, phoney, mountebank, quack, faker, charlatan, ringer, swindler, pretender, defrauder, scammer, hoaxer, fraudster, fraud, fake, phony, scamster, sham, humbug.

The nefarious nature of this proclamation greatly overshadows its ridiculousness.

“… Our Bipartisan Infrastructure Law invests in technologies that can detect and prevent impaired driving, and it requires all new passenger cars to include features like collision warnings and automatic emergency braking …”

Slipping in under the smokescreen are police-state controls of private vehicles that can turn them off, crash them, prevent use and control your ability to travel at will.

Also tucked into the scheme is a DNA-collection device to gather information on everyone in each vehicle. They call it a DUI breathalyzer, but that is just a handy cover story.

Our keep the old car running strategy is also targeted by “dangerous or un-green” legislation to get them off the road, or by making them legally uninsurable. We will see about that one.

As “they” see increasing risk that their New World Order dream is crumbling by the massive arousing going on, a flurry of panicked countermeasures further awakens the would-be slaves to potential loss of life, liberty, and property.

The government that has no problem poisoning the populace and slaughtering people with violent war machines is working to make our lives safer while we drive.

Yeah, and I have ocean-front property to sell in Montana.