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Great news about Ukraine

The “Special Operation in Ukraine” appears to be nearly over. Most of the dying is done.

According to several sources, the top Ukrainian generals are negotiating with Russian military and Putin to put an end to the lopsided destruction of Ukraine and its population. The generals clearly understand that they can only lose more territory and Ukrainians from here on out … and very, very rapidly at that.

Of course the USofA CIA, State Department, NATO and Zelensky puppets are not in agreement with this turn of events, but they actually do not matter at this point.

What is clear and public is the current mandatory draft in Ukraine of men and women from 7 to 70 years old!

A couple generations of Ukrainian people are GONE! If military conflict goes on very much longer, the remaining infrastructure will also be destroyed. Both will take extraordinarily long to recover.

Sane minds do not want this. The psychopaths, sociopaths, New World Order gang and their puppets do. Those are the ones wisely being left out of the negotiations.

In the article linked below, new borders will be agreed upon that annex the Russian-speaking, Russian populace portion of Ukraine, the part currently or soon to be controlled by the Russian military, to become states in an expanded nation of Russia. The very same part of traditional Russia that the USSR made Ukrainian in 1922.

That article mentions that NATO membership of the new Ukraine may be okay along with “defensive military men and equipment”. I find that unlikely as from the outset and continuously throughout the Russians stated quite clearly that “a demilitarized Ukraine” was one of the primary objectives of this “Special Military Operation”. Plus the proposed NATO membership was a major factor precipitating the Russian move to begin with.

I doubt that has changed.

Regardless, I think the whole thing in Ukraine is going to wind down soon with the Israeli genocide taking center stage.

Is the Story on Secret Ukraine Peace Negotiations True?

Maybe Not
There is a story, published by Seymour Hersh and picked up by Russian media, that Ukrainian General Valerii Zaluzhny and Russian General Valery Gerasimov are secretly negotiating a deal that could potentially end the Ukraine war. The story is supported by “anonymous” sources allegedly in the US intelligence establishment. The question is, is the report true?


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