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Today is 123123

Silly, perhaps, but interesting anyway. Written another way it is 12.31.23 Remove the dots and you get 123123.

weather wars

A friend sent me this facebook video link: I watched it, finding reinforcement rather than information that was particularly new to me. I sent him the following response. I have been trying to do what he did for a while now at, and my Brighteon video channel. I am certainly glad he is getting that information out to more people … and using other words, tools and examples. We are clearly under attack … and in ways many people will find difficult to believe. They may have to hear it many, many times in dozens or perhaps hundreds of ways before the information can break through the barriers to comprehension of incomprehensible evil with nearly unlimited resources […]

Bitterroot Band plays to seniors

We play for the joy of music, friendship and sharing with the community. Our video and audio recording equipment is very basic Harvey Homeowner stuff that does not quite capture the best of our performance, but perhaps you can understand from it what we are doing here. This was from our much appreciated performance at an old-folks rest home December 23rd. We read through an entire Christmas Carols song book, though I only share three of the tunes here. While our movie camera does have the ability to take stills while recording video, that feature was not used. Below I share a selection of screen shots from the movies. Missy shot nearly every tune, but that was too much for […]

winter battery tool storage

Batteries have no love for cold temperatures and my Montana workshop gets plenty of those. My response has been to haul all my battery-operated tools along with their battery packs into my basement during winter months. That puts them where I don’t use them and adds a whole lot of inconvenience to their use. This year I decided to change that. I came up with an extra thermostatically-controlled seedling heating mat from my greenhouse and built an insulated compartment in my workshop shelving unit to contain the batteries, the warmer and a beer fridge. The mats are designed to keep pots of seeding mix at desired germination temperatures, but ought to work fine for keeping the battery compartment around […]

December 21st is the Winter Solstice

It is the shortest day of the year in the Northern Hemisphere. The South Pole is leaning as far towards the sun as it will until this time next year. I have been looking forward to the end of the shorter-and-shorter days cycle and beginning of the longer-and-longer days – I have a warm relationship with our sun. 😉 Our Winter Solstice is also considered officially as the first day of northern winter. Even though the days will now start getting longer, the cooling of our portion of the Earth’s surface has just begun. Typically the snowfalls increase for the next couple of months. I am a bit less enthusiastic about that as I have already plowed, scraped and […]

Radiating Earth experiment plans

  “On December 10th [postponed to Dec 28 at 9:09pm, lasting 180 days], SpaceX is set to conduct a significant test of its Starlink satellite technology, involving the irradiation of populated areas in 13 locations across the USA. Thus creating control groups between different populations of microwave exposure from space. This event, while a leap in technological advancement, raises profound ethical concerns. It mirrors the structure of well-known scientific studies by the National Toxicology Program (NTP) and the Ramazzini Institute (RI), where some rats were exposed to RF radiation while others were not, to assess health risks. The Parallels with NTP and RI Studies: Both the NTP and RI studies were landmark in their exploration of RF radiation’s effects […]

They told us; keep telling us

Last night we watched the 1996 movie Wag The Dog (1997). Some sources call it a comedy while others call it political satire. Both of those miss the mark. It is as real as anything that happens in front of us today, and tells us all we need to know about how politics and social engineering work nowadays. Sometimes they simply tell us the truth… and laugh as we refuse to take it seriously. The use of blue screens, green screens, holograms and computer-aided video editing can make darn-near anything real enough for their intended audiences. We got this video in our normal way by ordering online through the Darby library and picking it up when their ‘pony express’ network […]

no breakfast or lunch in December

There is a lot of information on the World Wide Web as well as written media about the benefits of both intermittent fasting as well as full time fasts. I have written and published quite a bit here on my fasting experiences. A couple of health issues directed me towards the healing power of another fast, but December is not a particularly good month for that, and I just was not able to psych myself up for one now. So I compromised and began an intermittent fast this month. As you may have read here already, we began having late breakfasts and skipping lunches quite some time ago. After a couple weeks our circadian rhythms were reprogrammed making it so […]

banksters may be playing the next hand prematurely

Since they regained control of the dollar in 1913, the global banksters have stolen 98% of its value. It did not simply disappear as they would have us believe, or hope we don’t even notice. They bought most of the world while our labors were remunerated with the remaining 2% of our money’s value. Slaves have historically been treated better than that. Not satisfied with the pain, suffering, power and hyper-wealth that allowed, they are reaching for the rest of it. Among their current plans is the conversion of our flimsy dollars into even less sound electronic bits they can turn on and off at whim. I think they are shooting themselves in the foot by rolling that change […]

President celebrates impairment month

The poster boy for obvious impairments had his office proclaim December as National Impaired Driving Prevention Month, while this administration with its dementia puppet front man drives this once proud country into the dustbin, or sewer of historical has-beens. I tripped over a November proclamation from The White House that December will officially be National Impaired Driving Prevention Month. The irony struck me. The POTUS office is irrefutably in the most important driver’s seat on Earth. When I look up synonyms to “operator” I find these to be particularly relevant: actor, counterfeiter, dissembler, deceiver, feigner, duper, trickster, bluffer, imitator, misleader, copycat, impersonator, imposter, poseur, mimic, impostor, phoney, mountebank, quack, faker, charlatan, ringer, swindler, pretender, defrauder, scammer, hoaxer, fraudster, fraud, fake, […]

December 7th

I suspect I will forever associate December 7th with the moniker “Pearl Harbor Day”. But my view, as you might expect, is quite different from average. December 7, 1941 is the day that the Franklin Delano Roosevelt (FDR) brain trust plan to get the USofA public acceptance for entering a deadly, destructive war with Germany, Japan and Italy came to fruition. A seldom mentioned massively salient fact: The relatively modern USofA aircraft carrier fleet were ALL at sea. The obsolete coal-burning WWI battleship fleet was in a nice tidy target formation in Hawaii – 2,471 miles from continental USofA, and 4,117 miles from Japan. Several high-ranking naval officers stationed in Hawaii had warned people they cared about to be […]

Great news about Ukraine

The “Special Operation in Ukraine” appears to be nearly over. Most of the dying is done. According to several sources, the top Ukrainian generals are negotiating with Russian military and Putin to put an end to the lopsided destruction of Ukraine and its population. The generals clearly understand that they can only lose more territory and Ukrainians from here on out … and very, very rapidly at that. Of course the USofA CIA, State Department, NATO and Zelensky puppets are not in agreement with this turn of events, but they actually do not matter at this point. What is clear and public is the current mandatory draft in Ukraine of men and women from 7 to 70 years old! A […]