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Thanks to California Carnivores from my old neighborhood, I picked up a variety of insect eating plants.

Expecting to enjoy their beauties and appreciate the insect population reduction for one summer, I have been pleasantly surprised to get several years from them.

This particular bog that lives next to a south facing window in my studio is far exceeding expectations, surviving, growing and even reproducing well.

Another bog garden is in its dormant stage now, but will likely be a fine pitcher plant in our laundry room again next spring. A third did not come back last year and will likely need to be refreshed with new purchases next spring.

Sundews (Drosera)
If an insect ever evolved the brains to write a horror novel, the monster in that novel would probably be a sundew. The Sundew, (Drosera) are probably the most diverse genus of carnivorous plants in the world. There are somewhere around 130 species found on almost every continent of earth.

Sundews can be as small as a penny or as large as a small bush. Their tentacle covered leaves come in a wide and imaginative variety of design: circular leaves, wedge-shaped leaves, leaves that are peltate or linear or as filiform as a thin blade of grass. Their leaves may be strapped-shaped, oval or forked and branching like a fern or lethal spider web.

For more information on how care for your sundews check out our sundew growing tips. – California Carnivores