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Trump, the imaginary messiah

If you didn’t grok it before then, his pride of and commitment to “Operation Warp Speed” that broke all records for bringing a vaccine to market should have awakened you. Heck, before the vaxx and mandated vaxx, none of us could have conceived of a heavily pushed cure arriving before the disease it targeted.

However, as George Carlin famously said, “It’s A BIG Club & You Ain’t In It!”

Nobody goes very far in politics who is not in it … and certainly nowhere close to the national stage … of this shallow show they pump out via heavily promoted talking heads.

A quick review of my posts on the topic find that I finally figured it out in 2020. I was disappointed to find it took me that long. However, his role was artfully crafted, persona meticulously created, and role well played.

I chose to resume posting, and specifically touching on this topic thanks to an excellent essay with accompanying video published by Larken Rose. From our view, Trump is just another role in the grand Kabuki Theater pushed onto us with all the guile and force THEY can muster.

I am going to excerpt his essay here to give you a flavor, but to get it all or watch his video, go see it by selecting the linked headline below.

– Ted –

The Trump Thing

by Larken Rose – November 14, 2023

Hey, Larken Rose here, and whether you completely despised Donald Trump or totally adored Donald Trump, you’ll probably be offended by this video either way. Because the two sides, the sides that are going, ‘Rah, rah, rah’, put him on the throne. And the side that’s going, ‘anybody but him on the throne’ are falling for the exact same game. And it’s worth explaining the phenomenon and how, oddly enough, both sides are examples of — they’re driven by good intentions but they’re driven into playing an inherently, immoral and destructive game known as politics.

Now the thing that the leftist media just has complete tantrums about is the same thing that makes a lot of people like Donald Trump. It isn’t principle because he doesn’t have any. It isn’t being pro-freedom because he isn’t.

It’s the fact that he doesn’t appear as a normal politician. He speaks with disdain and disrespect towards a bunch of power-happy psychos. And lots of people like that and go ‘Rah, rah, rah’ about that, as well they should.

I think, accidentally, the best thing Trump is doing is tearing down the apparent respectability of the entire system. I don’t at all mind that he talks down to them and constantly insults them. What’s kind of hysterical is that anybody imagines that he’s any different. He isn’t. He’s one more clown in the clown show.

But I wanted to at least give a little sympathy to the people falling for the Trump pitch because most of them are doing a common thing that a lot of people did. I remember doing it myself with Ross Perot. It shows how old I am. Basically imagining into his words things that I wanted him to believe in. Things, agendas that I wanted him to push, whether it matched or not.

So lots of people love Trump because they picture him as an outsider, which he’s not. They picture him as anti-establishment, which he’s not. And they hallucinate that he’s in favor of freedom, which he isn’t.

But the fact that he talks down to them and is insulting, and is sort of funny in the process, and you so rarely see that among politicians, that excites a bunch of people. Like, ‘Yeah, you tell ’em!’. And they’re not — they’re just emotionally riled up because they’re so sick of the lukewarm tomato soup BS crew — that both parties have cranked out as politicians for decades and decades and decades and decades — that by comparison, they think, here’s Trump, he says it like it

Well, no, he doesn’t, but he says it bluntly and insultingly. And that’s refreshing to a lot of people, which is kind of weird and kind of understandable. Because the fake respectability that politics has received for so long, including in the mainstream or formerly mainstream media, is sickening. Like we’re supposed to treat these people like, oh, there are lords and masters and they’re above reproach. And no, there are a bunch of corrupt, lying psychos. And the fact that Trump points that out and says so, gets a lot of people excited. And then they want to believe that he is fundamentally different, even though he’s not and he’s never given any reason to think he’s fundamentally different. Because he isn’t.

He openly adores literal dictators. He single-handedly pushed the worst federal gun control in my lifetime by telling the lawyers, not even going through Congress, something that conservatives would have flipped out if a Democrat president did this. Which is ‘I’m just going to tell the lawyers rewrite the definition of machine gun and make it include bump stocks. So now I’m just making several hundred thousand Americans into felons overnight by changing the wording of a regulation. Because I said so.’ That’s what Trump did. And if Biden had done that, all of the conservatives would have flipped out. But their own favorite clown did it. So they’re like, ‘Well, he was bullied into it or he had to or it’s not that serious. It’s just bump stocks.’ They make excuses for it, which is exactly what the other side does.

So if you’re going ‘Rah, rah, rah’ for Trump, because you think he’s anti-establishment, I commend you for being anti-establishment. I can’t commend you for being very observant because he’s not anti-establishment. He appointed all the same warmongers. He appointed all the same bankers, all the same parasitic control freaks. And he talks a little bit different.

(read more at Truth Comes To Light)


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