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NATO finally allowing Ukrain into peace talks

The Russian “special operation” in Ukraine had a single purpose from the beginning that has been steadfastly pursued:
A demilitarized Ukraine“.

Now as they near successful completion of that, the NATO puppetmasters are “ready to negotiate for peace”. I promise that the only agreement acceptable to Russia will be A demilitarized Ukraine. If that is not in the offer, the Russian leadership and military machine will continue via military violence on to their objective.

While there were numerous provocations preceding the Russian military move, publicly announced plans to bring the US State Department’s Ukrainian puppet government into a fully nuclear-armed NATO puppet was 100% an unacceptable threat to the security of their eastern neighbor.

In the first few days of operations in Ukraine, the Russians destroyed, if I recall the correct number, 27 USofA-affiliated biological weapon labs along the Ukraine/Russian border. I have seen estimates of 49 there prior to the operation’s beginning.

Other secondary accomplishments include destruction of human trafficking networks, Adrenachrome harvesting facilities, and liberating thousands of captives destined for slavery, torture and/or death. They also put an end to the new government’s aggressive, methodical genocide against ethnic Russians living in the Donbas region.

They have nearly completed their stated main objective of a “demilitarized Ukraine”, primarily by methodically feigning weakness in newly controlled areas whereupon the outgunned, outsmarted NATO machine moved in to be destroyed… including the deaths of mercenaries and dark ops specialists from NATO, including USofA officers, technicians and special forces.

I am incredibly saddened that the awesome, valiant warriors who achieved “special forces” status have continually been destroyed by their political handlers, but I cannot fix that.

Between cannon-fodder sacrifice of forcefully conscripted Ukrainian men 16-60 and the escape of the rest, there are almost no males in that age range left in the NATO-controlled areas. The strength and future of that culture has been decimated.

Preceding and throughout this entire operation, the Russians continually offered, sought negotiated peace. However with “demilitarized Ukraine” as the most fundamental demand, all their efforts have been rebuffed.

Until now.

Of course the new proxy war and potential WWIII trigger in Israel has removed Ukraine from the globalists’ high priority list. The flow of military technology has been rerouted now going FROM Ukraine along with the flows of whatever NATO stocks can be scraped together for their new priority war against Arabia… and Earth.

I follow below my signature with some other sources and views on this bit of news.

– Ted –


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The Ukraine Peace Talk Trial Balloon from Moon of Alabama website
A trial ballon has gone up on the NBCnews website. It is testing the public reaction to the upcoming U.S. and NATO acknowledgment of their defeat in Ukraine:

U.S., European officials broach topic of peace negotiations with Ukraine, sources say – NBCnews – Nov 03 2023

WASHINGTON — U.S. and European officials have begun quietly talking to the Ukrainian government about what possible peace negotiations with Russia might entail to end the war, according to one current senior U.S. official and one former senior U.S. official familiar with the discussions.
This comes the same week that saw a Time piece about Zelenski’s unwillingness to consider the real situation on Ukraine and to admit defeat. The same week the Economist interviewed General Zaluzny who optimistically spoke of a stalemate at the front even while his army is on the cusp of disintegration.

In an interview with NBC’s “Meet the Press” on Sunday, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky invited Donald Trump to visit Ukraine. (link to website
This is particularly interesting to those of us who know that Donald Trump is still POTUS despite the ludicrous theater to the contrary (Kabuki theater that even he is playing a role in).

Game Over: US, European Officials Quietly Nudge Ukraine To Seek Peace from
With the world’s attention squarely fixed on the Israel-Gaza war — while baseless hope for a Ukrainian expulsion of the Russian army has evaporated — US and European officials have started quietly conferring with Ukraine on potential concessions that could bring the war to an end, NBC News was first to report Friday evening.

These discussions aren’t about a new counteroffensive — they’re about what concessions Ukraine could live with pursuant to a peace agreement. Some of the conversations, which officials describe as delicate, happened during an October meeting of the Ukraine Defense Contact Group, an affiliation of more than 50 governments siding with Ukraine.

In eyebrow-raising comments to the The Economist this week, Ukraine’s top commander admitted there will be no breakthrough and the battlefield situation is in a stalemate. The New York Times characterized his remarks as “the first time a top Ukrainian commander said the fighting had reached an impasse.”

In September, the Times itself splashed cold water on anyone who still believed Ukraine had any hope of pushing the Russian army out of eastern and southeastern Ukraine, much less Crimea. Its detailed analysis found that, in the wake of a Ukrainian counteroffensive, “Russia now controls nearly 200 square miles more territory in Ukraine compared with the start of the year.”

ISW’s assessed control of terrain in Ukraine as of November 3 2023
Russia’s territorial gains are close to matching the goals President Vladimir Putin outlined at the start of what he calls a “special military operation.” He said Russia sought to secure Ukraine’s Donetsk and Luhansk oblasts (provinces), which he recognized as republics shortly before the invasion. Russian forces now control nearly all of those areas, which are together called the Donbas.

Russia also controls most of the Zaporizhzhia and Kherson oblasts, giving Russia a land bridge to the Crimean Peninsula, which Russia annexed in 2014 after a Western-aided overthrow of a democratically elected president and the installation of an anti-Russia government in Kiev. Crimea and the eastern provinces of Ukraine have heavily ethnic-Russian populations.

The front lines have moved little in recent months. In anticipation of Ukraine’s highly-hyped 2023 counteroffensive, Russia was content to install formidable defensive fortifications and allow the Ukrainian army to degrade itself and achieve nothing.

US Department of Defense Finally Comes Clean – Admits in Public Document that There Are 46 US Military-Funded Biolabs in Ukraine

Russian MOD estimates Ukraine’s counteroffensive casualties
Kiev has lost some 66,000 troops and 7,600 pieces of heavy weaponry in three months, Defense Minister Sergey Shoigu has said

Joint U.S. Special Forces – Spetznas Team Rescues 73 Children in Ukraine

Biden Approves Another $1.3 Billion In Arms For Ukraine (July 19th article)

U.S. announces a further $2.1 billion in military assistance for Ukraine, bringing overall total to $40 billion (June 13th article)

White House Set To Approve Depleted Uranium Munitions For Ukraine (June 13th)

War-torn Ukraine now a ‘supermarket’ for illegal weapons

Finnish Police: Weapons Bound For Ukraine End Up on Europe’s Black Market

Russia says West’s Ukraine weapons are going onto the black market

West knows Ukraine weapons leaking to black market – Seymour Hersh

Ukrainian Soldiers Risk Their Lives to Keep Weapons From the Black Market

The Dangerous Depletion of U.S. Weapon Arsenals

US Has Given So Many Weapons To Ukraine That Its Weapon Stockpile Is Depleting: Report

The U.S. and Europe are running out of weapons to send to Ukraine

Did Ukraine just blow up its own Kakhovka Dam?

This is, of course, because no people as clever as them existed in Ukraine itself


Gloves Are Off: Russian Officials Ramp up the Nuclear Rhetoric – Nightly Bombing Campaign Against Kiev Enters Its Second Week – Intelligence Service HQ Hit

Zelensky’s Slave Army: Poor, Untrained Ukrainians Who ‘Never Held a Gun’ Sent to Front Lines in Bakhmut

Biden Says Zelenskyy Gave ‘Flat Assurance’ He Won’t Use F-16s in Russia