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US attacks Arabia … again … still

Israel’s false flag theater was hard to miss. But of course the lamestream media missed it, or pretended to. The most secure border on Earth shut down all sensors and evacuated all defenders for a few hours during which Israel’s “enemies” attacked.

This “unexpected” attack justifies the most heavily subsidized military machine in the world to completely annihilate a heretofore thriving megalopolis of 2,747,943 Palestinians … about the same as Chicago, Illinois, USofA.

C’mon, nobody is buying that BS.

Oh wait, the federally-approved FCC-licensed broadcast monopolies ALL BOUGHT IT … and continue to play that pretend scenario incessantly, pounding the war drums with more vigor than they contribute to anything that might be useful to our own country.

It is not just the slaughter of 3 million people, the takeover of another country, the provocation of Nuclear World War, the planned destruction of Earth’s Northern Hemisphere that pisses me off… No, for me the most annoying part is the gross number of human drones who stroll along this wreckage drooling and cheering for their worst enemies.

Oh, I almost forgot … Four US Navy carrier groups have been positioned as targets in the region. I chose my words carefully. The carriers, escorts, supply ships, submarines, cruisers, destroyers, and all those are well known to be incapable of defending against modern Russian, Chinese and Iranian hypersonic and nuclear missiles. The Russians and Chinese have demonstrated their ability to disable the USN Aegis defense system linking all ships into a helpless single-source impotent defense system.

I honestly admire and respect the military people below the rank of politicians with stars on their shirts… but these great people are going to be sacrificed in order to justify Washington DC’s use of “retaliatory” nuclear weapons.

Our big cities along with 97% of the world’s human population are on the kill list.

You sound pissed off, Ted.

Oh, putting it mildly, I see.

I share below saved memes and links on the subject.

I merely ask that you do not believe their crap and discourage others from buying in.

The Day Israel Attacked America


US worried that weapons sent to Ukraine could end up in ‘wrong hands’



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