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My motorcycle bucked me off at close to zero miles-per-hour in my gravel driveway almost four weeks ago. Those dang two-wheelers do that from time to time. I landed with a whoof on my back which has yet to recover… in part because I have STUFF TO DO before winter sets in.

last year’s leftover mill end stash

I tried doing nothing, but that dang STUFF TO DO pestered me into what seems like a perpetual limited light duty mode.

With a little help from my friends, I got one REALLY IMPORTANT PROJECT completed.

Living just over a mile from a bustling truss plant positions my yard as a favored dumping ground for the kiln-dried mill ends they accumulate as a byproduct of operations. I’d be a dang fool to turn down free heat.

After all, Montana winters are a bit cool, and I do enjoy the ability to fire up the shop woodstove and putter around therein with wood and metal – not to mention the lovely overly-warm house those little blocks of wood provide with the only cost to us being the handling fee.

The trick is to get on their list at the beginning of our HOT summer when nobody else is thinking of collecting kiln-dried mill ends for winter heat. Pretty easy trick, I think.

I have found, however, that covering the piles of firewood with tarps and junk to hold the tarps in place is a real pain when it comes time to get the snow and ice off them so I can restock my shop and household woodstove fuel stashes.

two dump truck loads of free heat

This year I vowed to make that be a lot less work.

completed, filled wood storage shed

Despite the odds, I pulled it off.

I must confess that in all actuality, WE pulled it off. I had help from a good friend, his tractor and a local young, strong back I hire regularly to keep my estate ticking.

I engineered a way to take scraps that have been cluttering my yard since I gathered them and create a containment and cover system to make heating shop and home easy this coming winter.

A pleasant side effect is that the accumulate junk yard is significantly de-junked.


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