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9 week Darby ham class begins Saturday 10/14

I gave it a three year rest for demand to build up. Tomorrow I begin another of my class series to help local people gain their FCC amateur radio operator technician licenses. It is quite a commitment on their parts as well as mine. We will spend a couple hours of every Saturday now through December 9th building in them the knowledge necessary to become licensed, and competent radio operators.

Darby Adult Ed does the heavy lifting for me by mailing fliers out to every resident in the area. That shaking of the bushes got enough interest to make the class worthwhile for their program and for me as an instructor.

Our community and their neighborhoods gain a few more people capable of emergency communications. They pick up a valuable Plan B for their households if the Internet and phone systems fail for any reason.

Of course they also engage in a hobby with dozens of aspects that thousands of hams worldwide enjoy on a daily basis.

I use my website as a reference asset for them. Feel free to peruse and use whatever parts work for you.

The best training tools are over on the left column of that site under the heading reference pages.

The 2023 Class Schedule lays out my lesson plan for the next couple of months while the amateur radio links provides starting points for using the power of the Internet to explore amateur radio.


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