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take a mid-day break today

The Emergency Broadcast System (EBS) warnings you may have seen here and elsewhere on the Internet specified October 4th as the primary date with the 11th being the backup. I am suspicious that their nefarious plan was for the 11th all along.

Be away from known receivers of their signals between noon and two today

It certainly didn’t hurt me last week and won’t be a bad idea. There is always plenty to do away from radio receivers and making sure to be there, or specifically not within reach in a specific two hour time frame is an incredibly easy safety measure.

I am getting fonder of the idea they wanted to use the 11th all along. On October 5th I published much of that in 10-11-23 actually makes more sense


I suddenly flashed on the image to the left as well as the one to the right. Dang 11s keep showing up.

Again, I am not a numerology worshiper or student, but they are, and the prime number 11 appears a lot in their warnings and events. Note that their captive media chose to call their big event 22 years ago “9-11”.

What could possibly be bigger than 9-11?

How about 10-11?

In case you haven’t noticed, their rabid dog in northern Africa with nuclear teeth is at war with with all of Arabia.

(Somebody attacked Israel … gee, I wonder who would have provoked the globalists … right on time)

The Arabian war can easily be ramped up, expanded to globally at the flip of a switch or two… heck, we have people jumping up and down in this country cheering it on … KILL – KILL – KILL … there seems to be no limit on Stupid.

Are you ready to rock and roll?
The song and video to the left was sung by Barry McGuire, written in 1965.
Eve Of Destruction lyrics written in 1965:
” … the Eastern World, it is explodin’…”
” … and even the Jordan River, has bodies floatin’…”

Which brings up another bit of their religion wherein they are absolved of guilt for their evil actions if they warn before attacking and ‘their victims simply ignored the warnings’. I know it’s weird, but they don’t think or feel like you and I do.

Many of us cried wolf about October 4th. That does not eliminate the possibility of nefarious actions today.

We know for certain that those who operate the big levers published United Nations Agenda 21, Agenda 2030 and maintained The Georgia Guidestones for 30 years …

… again telling us exactly what they were going to do before they did it.

You are the carbon they want to eliminate

Remember that always.

Eliminate 97% of the human population with total control of the remainder.

They said it repeatedly. This is no joke. There is no mistaking it. Evidence abounds.

Methodologies are all over the map and are the dystopian culture surrounding us today.

They will have their way with average people.

Be exceptional.

5G REMOTE KILL VECTOR: Science paper reveals cell phone signals can activate the release of biological PAYLOADS from graphene oxide injected into the body

I have published quite a bit about 5G as a weapon against us before the one above. See here: 5G


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