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the other mike

The lamestream presstitutes present one Mike and suppress the other. This is so far from what we expect of them that we have a hard time believing the truth. We want to believe the professionals, but those days are long gone … assuming they ever were.

They are floating Big Mike as a potential POTUS. Geeze, they keep finding amazing ways to get worse; to stoop lower. Just when I think they have gone as low as conceivably possible, they prove me wrong.

Obamanatin I was pretty lame. A gay Kenyan who did not meet the Constitutional requirements to be POTUS, faked college career, tranny spouse, two fake children and complicit media cover up.

Who in the world didn’t know all this?

I am stunned to find out how many in this country overlooked or forgot nearly all.

Now they are running Big Mike up the flagpole to see who might buy this one.

I am hereby unloading a lot of stored ammo.

It is not nice.

Some of it is quite perverse.

I will put the worst last.

Stop when you have seen enough.

The name “Big Mike” came from Barry and Mike’s circle of gay friends.

You might notice that Mike was not tall, nor notably large in stature.

Some of the photos below explain the nickname.

None of this would be a big deal except in the case of a public figure supposedly representing mainstream Americans.

I would be more than happy to have both of them quietly slip into obscurity, but that apparently is not going to happen.

Therefore I will do my little part to help more people understand who we are dealing with here.

Definitely not honest, honorable, or real