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10-11-23 actually makes more sense

Running their broadcast gig 22 years after their record setting show of 9-11-01 fits the criminals’ pattern of making sport of the numbers. I actually tried to imagine what significance they might attach to 10-4-23 but couldn’t come up with any. Their weaponized Emergency Broadcast Warning on the backup date fits their modus operandi much better.

The video I shared spoke of October 4th as their first scheduled “test” with a contingency date of the 11th (October 4th noon-2:00 pm, avoid all Emergency Broadcasts), also at 2:22pm Eastern time. I give no credence to numerology, but THEY do. Not that I KNOW there is nothing to their religious practices, just that I have no interest in studying them.

In my semi-ignorance, 10, 11, 23, 2:22, 22 years after their big success strike me as a suspicious aesthetic.

So they managed to get a bunch of us warning all who would listen to us to beware October 4th. Now fewer will avoid exposure when we publish the same warning again. Good for them. Suits their purposes well.

I will be following my same recommendations, pattern that I used yesterday.
October 4th, things to do, noon to two


Out of reach.


Now for a fun little challenge,

Figure out what importance the numerologists might apply to the difference between the two dates.