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October 4th noon-2:00 pm, avoid all Emergency Broadcasts

Here is a .pdf version of the weather forecast graphic I created:
October 4 forecast

I published much of the information below on September 21st as advanced warning.

Today, the threat is TOMORROW! This is a reminder.

Shut down anything receiving radio wave signals from the Emergency Broadcast System (EBC) during the hours of noon to 2:00 pm Mountain Daylight Time.

In some cases you may want to place hackable radio receivers such as cell phones into Faraday Cages to completely shut down any possibility they could emit potentially dangerous signals… break out the tinfoil 😉 … actually a simple cookie tin for your cell phone will work fine. You can test by calling your cell phone to confirm it is not receiving.

Some say that newer cell phones are not controllable. Turn them off, wrap them in bubble wrap, then aluminum foil around that PLUS be nowhere near them or radios, televisions or anyone with those things. Noon to 2:00 PM is a great time for a walk in the woods, yard work, plein air painting, walking the dog away from populated areas … you can do this.

Below is my previously published alert.

The video below is an important warning. Heeding it is nearly effortless, but does require we do pay attention and take very simple actions on the afternoons of October 4th, and October 11th.

At 2:22 pm Eastern Daylight Time (12:22 pm Mountain Daylight Time), the Emergency Broadcast System (EBC) has a “test” scheduled which, according to the information in this video, will contain a non-audible high frequency signal (microwaves) with deleterious effects on humans, possible animals and certainly those people who have been injected with “vaccines” containing hydracells and graphene.

Watching this video (and taking the simple actions described therein) may be one and a half minutes priceless to you and yours:

There have been uncountable warnings about the destructive effects of 5G. This is not the post to revisit that, but you can see several of them here: To put it mildly, the primary motivations for 5G were not so you could have faster Internet downloads. “Nefarious” is a better descriptor.

Arriving on either October 4th, or if for some reason that does not serve them well, October 11th is their backup date, the engineered injections, 5G installations and war against humanity may go HOT.

To summarize: turn off anything you own that could receive the EBC signals October 4th from 2:00pm Eastern Time until 4:00pm Eastern Time.

That is a rather simple recommendation … and possible life changing, or preventing horrible life changes.

Oh, and watch for, perhaps be prepared for zombies shortly after that.
I say only partially in jest.
I wish it was totally in jest.

Over three years ago, I shared some videos about President Trump’s “Operation Warp Speed” which was promoting the vaccines “being brought to the public in record time”, according to him. Unmentioned overtly was that the vaccines were produced BEFORE the virus… that really is RECORD TIME … I think … perhaps that is not the first time they did that, just the first time we know of.

The vaccines are relevant in this discussion as some of their elements react to electrical impulses – that is they animate, change shape and movement when electro-mechanical energies are applied to them … as can be done by 5G.

Nevermind all that, Dr. Carry Madej was doing all she could to warn about what was in and behind these vaccines. These two videos I republished over three years ago cover much of that. They are rather shocking, hugely informative, highly credible, and well worth your time if you did not see them back then. They are still hugely relevant.

I just re-watched them and remain impressed with the powerful, valuable information they contain.

We have not lost this 4th-generation-war
until we give up.
– Ted


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