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The whole story

Here is more information regarding the Emergency Broadcast System plan for October 4th and 11th…

This video is not short, and definitely not sweet. It is also not for sound-bite-people, the deniers nor the faint of heart.

If you are up for adult information, here it is. Park your knickers and hitch up your big boy pants.

On the other hand, if you are positive the government is your friend and wholly dedicated to your life, liberty and happiness, this is not for you.

Same goes for those comfortable in their slumber.

The Disturbing Connection Between the October 4th EBS & the CCP — Todd Callender Interview

Holey smokes! The video endorses or slays so many of the “conspiracy theories” that the faint of heart and Doubting Thomases need not look any further.

I do not want to overplay this one, but if these clarion calls are correct, the penalty for NOT being away from the emergency broadcast umbrella could be severe. The cost of being unavailable to their transmissions are minuscule.

The math seems easy to me.

How about you?