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directed energy weapons

Hawaii Maui – This is more than proof: DEW Energy weapons filmed in action

DEW – 🪔 Directed Energy Weapons
Shown here using the Boeing 747-400F as the YAL-1 Airborne Laser: An airborne laser energy weapon system to counter incoming enemy missiles that was tested by the US Air Force between 2001 and 2012. “Rehearsals” were carried out here more than 20 years ago, in the meantime there have been various modifications and of course these systems can also be used for other purposes.


These are being deployed against US… not the USofA, but US, the unempowered enemy of those who placed themselves in positions of power. Their cover story is “An airborne laser energy weapon system to counter incoming enemy missiles”. Not one of those has happened, but as Paradise, Santa Rosa, Australia, Greece, Lahaina, and I am confident many other places have found out the hard way, there is another application the rulers have availed themselves of.

The Lahaina burndown was not something local firefighters could stop… even if all factors were in their favor, which they clearly were not. While there were many deep state nefarious aspects that have and continue to come to light, directed energy was clearly deployed against this town and the people therein.

Stick with me for a little bit. The preponderance of evidence supports my claims.

As a background, basis-level understanding, the collection of videos above should serve as starters. I have been posting, sharing information on this weapon working against us for about six years now. It is not new. Nor is there any doubt about what it is and who is being targeted. Directed Energy weapons deployed against US.

How that “wildfire” so PRECISELY burned out Maui’s poorer residents—who may now be “resettled” in a “15-minute city” (Schwabspeak for “concentration camp”)
“…The government kicked locals out of the 5 star hotels that were providing temporary shelter, so FEMA and red cross and all other Government officials could stay there. Reports are out from locals that all their water was cut off before the fires!! If you are a fireman, fire captain, attorney, scientist or any other expert in your field that has the spirit and bravery (balls) to stand up to help the people and help reveal this chaotic situation, please have the courage to step up!!…”

Maui residents say they were BLOCKED by barricades while trying to flee deadly wildfire

“…As the fires quickly spread across Lahaina in Maui on Aug. 8, the sirens that were supposed to alert residents were not sounded.
According to officials, sounding the alarms would have caused more harm than good because they were meant for tsunami warnings. But residents argue that the alarms would have given them another 10- to 15-minutes to figure out what’s happening and what they should do.

More lives would have been saved.

Lost time, lost lives
Nate Baird, who escaped from the wildfires with his wife and two children, said a 10-minute warning would have given them extra time to save more children in their neighborhood. Baird added that his children first alerted him to the wildfires. They told him that “the air smelled like s’mores.”

Baird’s neighborhood was full of children who were home alone when the fires came through. (Related: Maui wildfire kills at least 114 – already the highest in modern U.S. history, with over a thousand still missing.)

As Baird and his family tried to escape Lahaina to the south, he said that they got stuck because of barricades and a crew instructing people to turn back because of downed electric poles.

The crew was telling them to go back into the fires. Baird and his family ignored the orders and drove around the barricades…”

Over 2,400 kids are missing in Maui, but aren’t included in the government’s death toll

These sick-Os never miss an opportunity to harvest children. The schools were ordered to pack them into buses. The families were roasted. Evidence disappeared along with the children. This is sickening.

Deep State Take Down: Maui

This bit from Real Raw News could be a good sign, or nothing. It would be great if it really happened. I remain skeptical. Follow the link. It is a nice respite to think there are strong good guys on our side.

Lahaina Wasn’t a Wildfire. It Was MASS MURDER

“… You’ve seen the harrowing scenes of the blaze, you’ve read the heart-wrenching stories of countless locals and natives perished, or escaped by the ash on their fingers, and you’ve shaken your head at the fact that such a beautiful haven could become a Hellscape in the flash of a flame.

But what about the anomalies? What about that unsettling, creeping feeling that something just… isn’t… right?

The more you look into the so-called ‘wildfire’ that ravaged the natives’ coveted real estate, killing countless (truly countless), the more you realize nothing makes sense.

Just like the fatalities and the missing, there are too many oddities to count…”

HAWAII: — Maui Massacre 👀

“…Near the Lahaina loading dock, Marines found a makeshift mass gravesite, 15 scorched corpses piled atop one another in an industrial dumpster. The fire had not killed them, our source said. Instead, someone had used a flamethrower to burn them, then deposited the corpses in the trash.

“We’re certain of this because they were shot first,” our source said. “No doubt the media will end up saying fire killed them. They were murdered, and yes, children too.”…”

🔸 “Marine reinforcements have broken a Deep State blockade, opening up an MSR whereby boats carrying relief supplies can get those supplies to civilians. Marines have driven “some FEMA/NG” into the mountains and are in pursuit. Marines have identified some NG as really being federal agents. Marines fear the 1000+ missing is an understatement. They believe the missing are dead or have been abducted, casualties of war. Special Forces paid a visit to the governor’s manion in Honolulu, but it was deserted. I’ll have another full report tomorrow morning. Some Deep Staters are shedding their uniforms and trying to blend in with the native population.” –@Michael_Baxter — author

Is Maui Now Being Stolen Globalist

The above link/video is the real story of Hawaii… long before the directed energy assault.

Book Attempting to Link Maui Tragedy to Climate Change Published Before Fires Extinguished

I don’t know a lot about book writing and publishing, but having this come out before the fires were extinguished is at least as impressive as Trump’s “Operation Warp Speed” that had a vaccine created, tested and approved before the viris arrived.


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