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privacy and some invasions thereof

People like me often consider what we may or may not do that facilitates organized capturing of information about us, our activities, and even our thoughts. Nobody wants to think along these lines, but many recognize it would be foolhardy to never consider such.

Either you buy the product or you are the product.

Faceplant is an example along this line. Their overtly paying customers are the advertisers. Regular participants are the audience, the product. Most likely there are other customers who receive the meta-data on all users. The activities, expressed opinions, interpersonal contacts build portfolios of interest, not necessarily [or likely] for our benefit.

“The cloud” is another innocuous benefit offered without overt cost to its users. Considering the providers of this expensive computer [aka AI] resource as altruistic is naive and unthinking.

FREE e-mail providers run similar business models. Hotmail, gmail, yahoo, outlook and others are not giving anything away. That would not keep them in business.

Proton Mail may be operating on a different business model. They sell numerous online-security-oriented products including two levels of upgrades from the base “free” accounts. I use the word “may” because, as a super-Linux-geek friend told me, I trust only myself. However, I would certainly consider a no-fee Proton Mail account to be many steps above the big boys when it comes to privacy for you and those who correspond with you via e-mail.

This is tech radar’s list of e-mail security offerings. Best secure email providers of 2023 with Proton landing the number two slot. Encription is high on their priority list. Still, committing sensitive information to the World Wide Web is not a good idea anyways.

Cell phones are similar, but in those cases, they actually get you to pay for the privilege of feeding their knowledge base.

Someone is entering data into those NSA computers and an untold number like them world-wide.

As we may well see October 4th and/or 11th, cell phones could be delivery systems for signals you definitely do not want.

In an article that could have been subtitled “Hoo Duh Thunk?” is this article from Natural News:
Apple, Google teaming up to better track your movements under the claim of providing you more ‘security’

As if all that somewhat predictable data mining isn’t enough, the cloud, the AI, or however you want to think of such things is expanding their bag of tricks to include an incredible, or barely believable collection of SMART devices… with that title being an acronym for Self-Monitoring, Analysis and Reporting Technology.

Got Google Smart Home Speakers? Researcher Reveals How Hackers Can “snoop on conversations”

Peeping through the windows: Microsoft to incorporate MANDATORY AI systems in Windows 11 to SPY on all your computing activities
If you think they forgot about two billion active Apple devices, I will simply say that we disagree on that.

In an interesting turn of events that could be challenging to interpret correctly,
FTC to sue Amazon for illegally harvesting data of children via smart speakers
Are we supposed to be reassured that Big Brother will protect us from privacy invasions?
Those buying that might be interested in buying some Montana ocean-front property.

In summary, I strongly urge you to consider what and how you feed the monster.


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