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one witch down …

In 1994 career politician and San Francisco organized crime denizen Dianne Feinstein was re-elected to represent some Californians in the USofA Senate. That is when I began to realize that the place I was born and raised my children in did not fit me.

Giving credit where it is due, her RE-election inspired me to move to a state where more people were like me. Idaho was a bunch better, and Montana a bit later was even more so.

That’s it. The positive things I can say, write or think about her have officially been exhausted.

You might note that the image to the left is from the evil one about five years ago.

Her amassed wealth at our expense ramped up A LOT from then to now.

I am pleased and grateful that her name and record can now be purged from my database.

I am under no delusions that the replacement will be any better, but one down is a start, eh?

I take no small measure of pleasure moving my Feinstein folder to the TRASH it so deserves.

By the way, her final vote as a USofA senator came AFTER she died.