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mushroom giants

Amazing nature delivered these big boys to my yard this week. This impressive pair quite literally just popped up in the last couple of days.

In the adult education class I took on mushroom cultivation, I learned that the above-ground part we see, and think of as being the mushroom is actually the reproductive part of a very much larger organism living underneath it.

As I began this post I realized there was no perspective, so I added a tennis ball and re-took the photo of the pair. I have never seen any remotely close to this large, in fact none even as big as the ball in all these years.

I am taking chances by sharing this. Some post-constitutional governmental alphabet agency might destroy my guests as being rare, endangered, mind expanding or disease preventing. I take chances at least that big with many of my posts, so here it goes again.

There is absolutely no chance I will experiment with their potential for good or harm to my body. Heck, I even washed my hands after staging the photo where I might have touched blades of grass that touched the mushrooms.

Still, they are mighty cool additions to our yard.


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