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setting priorities

Prior to “retirement” I have no idea how I found time for anything but income-producing work, but somehow I did. As I have heard and read from numerous retirees, we are so busy now we have a hard time imagining how we did it all back then.

Recently asking myself why my ToDo list is stuck at 4 pages long, I took a couple steps back to quantify that question and the answers.

As a more analytical than average guy, here is how I approached that.

I headed my chart

“Quantifying the intersections of passion, utility and economy.”

Then listed the skillsets, toolsets, activities and feelings about them that I currently have… on a spreadsheet so I could do some calculations based on my answers.

Putting numbers to them was an important part of this very subjective exercise. So here I go. Since my list applies only to me, I will not reproduce it here. Use your own if you want to try this exercise yourself. Needless to say, as a guilty-as-charged Renaissance Man, I have a long list here.

What skillset and toolsets do you have?
1=unobtanium, 2=expensive, 3=affordable, 4=easily obtained, 5=got it all

How good are you, could you be at it?
1=Joe Average, 2-upper 10%, 3=rare capability, 4=could be exceptional, 5=are exceptional

Rate their fun factors (note that the weighting favors fun as a priority)
1=no fun, 6=pleasant, 10=fun, 14=engrossing, 18=joyful

Ranked sense of accomplishment (also prioritized)
1=transitory, 4=nice, short memory, 6=glad I got it done, 8=proud of product, 10-pleasure to see

potential current market value
1=none realistically, 2=slim chance, 3=modest chance, 4=likely to sell well, 5=probable high value

potential post-apocalyptic value
1=none realistically, 2=slim chance, 3=modest chance, 4=likely to sell well, 5=probable high value

I am not suggesting that my categories or rankings apply to you or anyone else, but I believe the process can be helpful if you adapt it to your situation.

I then multiply across the columns to come up with a mathematical ranking of what ought to get my attention.

A couple of things I had already suspected jumped out at me. Website development, sociology and politics landed at the bottom of the list. That was about the same time my website posting took an extended hiatus.

Why am I back?
Am I back?

The war is heating up.

Our life, liberty and property at are very high levels of risk now. We may be dependent on each other more than we could have imagined.

My website work may help.

Can’t hurt.

Might be worth a little time investment that defies quantification.


This website is a gift to my community from a pensioner dedicating a bit of his life attempting to help preserve humanity, integrity, honor and liberty – a world under attack. If I help one person find our side of the rampart, or help the resolve of one who found it via another path, my time and money have been well spent.

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Thank you, Ted Dunlap