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bear sense we should learn from

From Hiking and Fishing .com
“A bear’s sense of smell about 2,100-3,000 times better than a human’s. Bear Vs Wolf’s Sense of Smell A wolf’s sense of smell is about 100 times better than a human’s sense of smell, making them better than most dogs, but nowhere near as sensitive as a bear’s sense of smell.”

What does this enable them to do, besides finding fish in a rushing river or berries two ridges away?

As this video of a man trying to tempt his bear buddy with a Big Mac might teach us, there is no food in there.

If you tried to buy the ingredients in a grocery store, AND if read the list itemized on the side panel, you could understand the problem that the bear, Tom, has with this pseudo-food offering.

Over 40 years ago my daughters quickly learned that there was no getting me to go or take them to a “McYuck”, “Junk-In-The-Box” or similar purveyors of inedibles-in-drag.

I had nothing close to a bear’s sense of smell … just some other sense. As it turns out, many non-mainstream health and nutrition specialists are now telling us how toxic that “fast food” is.

We should learn something else from bears: They find our fast food inedible while our garbage often has what they consider high food value. Think about what they are telling us here.

Of course the video is super cool on another level. I am vaguely reminded of my big dog and our relationship. A big brown bear is, of course, in a whole other league.


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