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Why did they burn out Lahaina?

This video is so startling, impressive and important that I included it in my prior post with a link directly to Eew-Toob, which I really hate to do.

In this newer post I include the video in a sanitized (non-tracking) form.

I also added more information and links as the REAL INVESTIGATIVE REPORTERS publish their work on the World Wide Web.

I might as well stay on this topic while it is hot, eh? 😉

In addition to the cleaned-up version of that important video is another by a local videographer who published it via Rumble.

I trust that platform a whole lot more than the obvious Deep State players, and have not found a way to sanitize from there anyway.

The link takes you to his platform, but I embed it here to save you the trip.

By the way, you can find great reporting on GAB. I know I do. Start by adding Ted Dunlap to your feed, then follow whatever links show up from there.

Here is another way to get started with GAB: You might have to establish a GAB account before getting very far, but I think they are a highly trustworthy organization. Learn more here:

Reports I am reading highlight a couple more significant issues. As the What’s Really Going On video points out, a lot of the burned out, or burned to death residents of Lahaina had enough Hawaiian native blood that it was impossible according to island law to move them out of the homes and businesses they occupied. Oho… enter Plan B.

Within spitting distance of a HUGE USofA military base, nobody received warnings that the fire was coming their way. Escape was difficult for those who did get away.

Now FEMA, Red Cross and the usual suspects are preventing private assistance from reaching the beleaguered residents. Hawaiian people are outsmarting the blockades in many ways, even resorting to swimming ashore with emergency supplies brought by private boats.

About four weeks earlier, the governor signed a law against rebuilding homes, and made a presentation to the NWO… oops, I mean NATO bragging that Hawaii would have the world’s first “smart city”.

Nothing to see here…
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