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Maui fire; welcome to the war

The very first moment I heard of the Maui fires I thought “Directed Energy”.

That turned out to be true … I should couch that in equivocal terms like “is probably true” or “may be true” or “is possible”, but I do not believe in pretending when the truth is so darn hard to deny.

Look at this photo. Just as in the Santa Rosa, Paradise, Australian and other recent massive fires, the homes are turned to ash while trees survive intact right next to them. The fire heats are EXTRAORDINARY, the burn/destruction patterns unprecedented in fire science yet they continue to happen over and over … like ever since Lockheed/Martin announced their wonder weapon – the airborne laser, directed energy weapon.

I have pointed out evidence of directed energy being used against us a few times here, but this video from ex-Navy Seal Mike Jaco packages it better than I ever did.

I would embed the video here rather than sending you away if I could. I do not know how to do that with Rumble videos… so off you go.