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shopping for dumb

The big screen we inherited from the squatters died. Though I have not watched television in 35-40 years, there are several things we do use that big screen in my studio for. That finds me shopping for a replacement.

So far I believe I have avoided inviting any “smart” technology into my world. I did not want to start now.

The term “smart” originally comes from the acronym “Self-Monitoring, Analysis and Reporting Technology”.

Average people think they are smart for adopting the technology. The advantages of being able to tell or ask your smart tools anything is among their little pleasures in life. I am in the other camp that asks, “reporting to who?”

The police state knows more than enough about me. I sure as heck am not facilitating their data gathering.

So I shop for the oldest, dumbest television I can find … and still won’t trust it with access to our Internet router or cell phone service.

Either you purchase the product or you are the product

I cannot help but notice that a tremendous amount of technological wizardry is available for modest amounts of Feral Reserve Notes or their electronic equivalent. Nevertheless, they are happy to extract whatever resources they can from you while being welcomed into your home.

Even “FREE” is a price too high for me.

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Thank you, Ted Dunlap