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The global slave e-currency is in the rollout phase

– takers and leavers in similar numbers

Gregory Mannarino, known to some as The Robin Hood of Wall Street, produced a good snapshot of where we are in this process.

The short version is that the rollout of a global e-currency, led by the owners of the Fed is already underway. They are getting the slaves accustomed to dependence on Big Brother for everything, and electronic transactions as the norm, soon to be The Only Way… your access to your money will be available only when, where and how they want you to have it.

Every dystopian novel and movie touching on this subject will come true in the real world.

Except for those of us who have other plans
and other capabilities.

My circle of acquaintances in both meta-space and meat-space leans strongly towards “No way in H E double-toothpicks will I become dependent on their minutely-controlled e-currency.” I do sense that we are about half the population while the other half will say and do whatever their slave masters dictate. I am heartened to hear Greg estimate the two sides to be about equally divided… and that A LOT OF US see it coming quite clearly.

He calls his website Trader’s Choice. I am only giving you a small tease of what he is about. See more there… and in the video above right. In my own small way, I am helping him share his message … but who knows who may find him through my efforts?

I have been sensing and saying the similar things, but he brings serious credentials to the argument … and probably says it better. I know I appreciated the power of his concise view.

Those who still have significant capital in Wall Street vehicles may find his website priceless very soon.


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