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pedophilia, human trafficking horribly widespread

I meant to change the subject for today, but had a lot of links, articles and bits to share on the subject. Here, as well as my recent two posts, I will keep it out of the gross zone. Even this cursory view is awful, but the totality is awfuller.

The good news is that, thanks to The Sound of Freedom and other efforts, there is some public awareness building, and with that some hope for reducing the scourge.

alter of the basilica of Santa Maria Assunta

While human slavery and trafficking in slaves is many centuries old the modern power brokers have raised the volume and sadism to what I suspect are new heights. Hopefully public awareness can shrink the pain and volume.

It is another case of, as famously said in Casablanca, The Usual Suspects. The same darn powerbrokers who steal our money, heritage, abilities to get by, and perhaps our hopes for a decent future are happily abusing humans of all ages, but more often than not, youngsters.

Nine times out of ten the faces presented to us on lamestream media are horrible imitations of humanity.

Again I remember Aaron Russo’s message from David Rockefeller when the former turned down the “Get Out Of Jail FREE” card. All he had to do is go along, but he could not … so they killed him.

Once you start down this rabbit hole, it gets more and more complex … devious … and perverse.

I do not recommend the trip.

However, I cannot find benefit in ignorance, either.

For example, I give you a pictograph of pedophile symbols. These are just a few, but this culture has many more. These, however, keep showing up in mainstream.

For gosh sakes, the one symbolizing “boy lover” is on the Los Angelese County sheriff badge. Jeezus!!! I am hoping most of them are clueless.

It would be awful to consider that they knew what their badges imply they were representing and supporting social deviancies.

Perverse and pervasive.

AKA: bad juju.

What I have seen is worse.

What the Hunter Biden laptop investigators have seen make them sick and keep them awake at night. It definitely gets worse.

Our acceptance of these perverts-in-charge contributes to their delinquency.

Say NO.

On to the links I promised (threatened).


from FUAX News:Gay pride parade canceled in southeast Florida after anti-drag show law passes

From Planet Today:Bill Gates Pumps Millions Into Legalizing Pedophilia: ‘Kids Are Sexual Beings’via @planettoday #PlanetToday:

Trafficking Around the World: 2021 Trafficking In Persons Report

Thousands of Pedophiles Being Released From California Prisons Thanks to Democrat Policies

And I will end this list of links with one of my favorite stories:
A man tried abducting an 8-year-old MI girl from her yard, but her brother blasted the bad guy with his slingshot and saved her!

I do have a bunch more saved. I may share later, but enough is enough.

– Ted

P.S. The hits on this website keep on coming … from all over the world.
Fortunately my shields are still up.


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