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The Sound of Freedom

Today we make one of our rare treks to Missoula specifically to see a movie … well, that and to lend our support to this anti-hollywood-establishment movie that is breaking attendance records.

The Sound of Freedom is on track to break $100,000,000,
yes a hundred million dollars in box office receipts tomorrow.

Disney studios and others kept this production in a dark closet for five years after it was completed. Angel Studios captured the rights to it, and came up with an unusual crowd-funded distribution system that is currently succeeding phenomenally.

Angel Studios selected Independence Day for its public release.

Hollyweird opened their potentially giant Raiders of the Lost Ark to head it off that same day. Instead of brushing aside the anti-trafficking movie, the Angels CRUSHED them in box office receipts. David slays Goliath again.

Today we are doing our tiny part to keep that momentum going
– AND to see a movie that seems worth seeing.

While GooGoo and the rest of the Globalist Internet Propoganda Machine are loading “the sound of freedom” websearches towards their lamestream disinformation publications. I am doing my little bit in the other direction.

Former Navy SEALS rescued 200 children during the Sound of Freedom movie’s production 🔥 👇😳

When the team behind the movie “Sound of Freedom” selected Jim Caviezel to portray the character of Tim Bellard, a former U.S. Special Agent for the Department of Homeland Security who left his job to save children from sex traffickers, they encountered a single concern. Jim’s wife, was worried about the security situation in Colombia where the filming would take place.

Tim Ballard, offered thirty former Navy SEALs to ensure his safety. With this proposal, the problem was resolved. While strolling through the streets of Cartagena, the ex-SEALs disguised themselves as tourists, and when smugglers approached them offering children, Ballard’s team swiftly initiated the rescue operation.

Few weeks later, Colombian newspapers woke up to headlines announcing the successful rescue of 200 children as part of the Underground Railroad operation. According to Eduardo, If Jim’s wife had agreed from the beginning, the officers would not have embarked on the mission to rescue those 200 children.

Human trafficking, and in particular child trafficking is well on its way to be in monetary measure, the largest industry in the world. It may already be there. The first step against that is increasing public awareness.

Pedophilia is an integral part of that.

Someday I will do a deeper dive into the great Epstein/Maxwell story, but I present an abbreviated Cliff’s Notes version here: Mossad took the lead setting up Epstein Island, a New York mansion and other places where rich and powerful people had their pedo, torture and satanic fantasies fulfilled.

Hidden cameras recorded in lurid detail. The rich and powerful were now OWNED by the global secret police. Neither Epstein nor Maxwell will ever find justice for what they did. He, by the way, is not dead.

This gets deeper, deeper and more ingrained in the global power structure the deeper we go. While not all of them are pedophiles, most of them appear to be satanists and all of them support, facilitate and lie for those who are.

Regardless of their crimes they all get the same Get Out Of Jail FREE card.

Mighty attractive to the worst among us.

In this post I am going to skip over some of the worst stuff. I will touch that third rail later with a content warning header. I hate that I know it and do not want to be the one that puts it into your head without your express permission.

Just a reminder as I close this post. I limited my discussion here to the global scourge of human trafficking and the movie that is doing more to expose it than anything that preceded it.

Obviously I encourage you to see the movie.

Make your own statement against human trafficking.

P.S. In case you wondered:
Sound of Freedom: Based on A True Story (Except for the Parts That Aren’t)

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