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nuclear war threat down a notch

Saber rattling seems to have toned down a notch. My sampling of non-lamestream sources shows a slight calming in the rhetoric, and indeed the likely D-Day has passed. I think we can move from Orange Alert to Yellow, or at least closer to yellow.

My sense of the situation is that most of the world, those thinkers and watchers not under the Ministry of Disinformation thrall knew starting nuclear world war was consistent with the globalist/NATO/CIA/NWO… agendas and not with the Russian rhetoric or actions.

Thus we were neither buying their false flag nor accepting their cover story for exploding the Ukrainian nuclear power plant to trigger nuclear exchange.

Well, crap!… we will just have to conjure up some other excuse.

Actually… I think their next big move is working to squash our ability to share information inconsistent with their theater productions.

There is much rumbling about creating a Ministry of Truth within the USofA ruling cabal and also other major places globally.

For now they are losing that skirmish as well.

Our team is winning, so far.

Let’s keep using the tools we have.


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