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Who will buy their nuclear war excuse?

The Russians have stated the goal for their “special military operation” quite clearly and consistently. They insist on a non-militarized Ukraine. All of their actions have been consistent with that. A peaceful neighbor is not that much to ask, nor is it unreasonable.

NATO has also been clear and consistent. They insist on removing Putin from power and completely eliminating the nation of Russia.

The Russian military has been destroying Ukrainian army battalions, NATO weapon systems, mercenaries, NATO troops and equipment in what most observers call “a meat grinder”. The military capability of Ukraine is almost completely gone.

Looks like the Russians are accomplishing exactly what they set out to do.

Then someone blows up a dam that is key to Ukrainian irrigation and one of the best farming regions in Europe. The Russians controlled most of the area on one side of that river, benefited not at all from the sabotage, but were blamed by the NATO blatherers for the destruction.

Now NATO mouthpieces are warning of an expected nuclear plant explosion

They tell the world that “the Russians are going to do it”.

Who is going to believe that line?

Oh. I see.


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