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nuking the 4th of July

Nuclear world war approaches while the blissfully ignorant set off fireworks celebrating some long-forgotten event AND far more importantly to them, their ability to inexpensively set off fireworks.

The global warmongers via their NATO, USofA, and Ukrainian puppet governments have been warning of Russian plans to create a nuclear explosion in a Ukranian nuclear power plant.

Executing this False Flag event, of course, will provide them with justification (more accurately called “lamestream media approved thin cover”) to start nuclear war with Russia.

That, in case you missed it, will trigger Russian and Chinese military attack on USofA targets.

Which will likely result in nearly every nuclear weapon in the world attacking the planet Earth.

A mundane world that, by all appearances, none of these psychopaths live on.

There is a chance, perhaps a slim one that widespread public expectation that the Western gubermint puppeteers are the ones planning to execute the nuclear attack on Ukraine will upset their plan to get widespread acceptance of their nuclear war.

They apparently have to remain vigilant that the 99.9% non-elitists may rise up against them and their sociopathic ways.

That is actually good news in that they seem to respect the power the masses still have.

Outnumbered several thousand to one, mentally and physically inferior doesn’t give them a strong feeling that they will prevail if knowledge of their assaults becomes widespread.

I am doing my little part. I encourage you to do yours.

Tell the AI that we know who is doing this one … or who is planning to do it.



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