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illusions … they are getting really good at this stuff

We used to be on reasonably safe ground saying that “Do not trust what you don’t see with your own two eyes”.

That is no longer solid.

The illusionists are getting darn good at their trade. They, in fact, have been using believable hologram technology provably since September 2001 … probably before that.

I will walk you through some examples, then toss out a way this may be used against us in the near future.

First is an old video showing how powerful our mind is at fighting what we see when the setup is done well.

I watched it several times, but really struggled to believe the reality. The illusion was nearly 100% overpowering the reality.

Next up was in a controlled environment – in an indoor gymnasium. The illusion was real for perhaps a thousand people watching from many angles. It is not just on television or movie screens that they can cast their illusions over us.

Now we take it to the next level… outdoors … viewed from many angles, many directions, many levels. Still so believable that regardless of what our brains tell us is possible and impossible, we are very hard-pressed to not see, and believe the show.

I made several attempts to use the same tools as I did with the above videos, but failed to get this loaded onto my Brighteon channel. So it shows differently, but still easily.

Now imagine how this ability might be used

Think about how “Alien Invasion” and “UFOs” have begun to be talked about and admitted to by our government. Is that coming up to grand outdoor theaters in major cities? Perhaps.

My next post on this subject will come from my folder titled “holograms of 9-11″. There is A LOT of evidence that there were no airplanes involved in ‘The Twin Towers”, Building 7, The Pentagon or Shanksville. I have quite a bit of that in video format… gimme a day or two.

Only a half-step away from that are the holograms of an alien invasion with Big Brother and The Police State “saving us”.


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