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USofA moves closer to nuclear WWIII

In a major move in the wrong direction, nuclear equipped US Air Force B1B ‘stealth bombers’ have just been moved into position to start what will be a rather quick and hugely destructive nuclear exchange among the heretofore ‘super-powers’.

As the puppet show goes on, we may be moving to the final scene. The Zelensky actor, just like the Biden one is in charge of nothing, however the beings who do push the pieces around the game board appear to be insane, but may simply be inhumane … as in not human.

You know they do not plan on being affected by their conquest, war, hunger, and death. They have certainly set the stage for those, along with plague.

According to their published plans, they expect to survive along with 500,000,000 easily controlled humans. I certainly, and probably you do not have the qualities they are interested in.

Of course their plans are just that. They may or may not get their way, but it will be interesting either way.

Nobody with any global knowledge whatsoever imagines that the Russian war managers don’t know where USofA nuclear weapons are located. Similarly, not many of us expect those Russians will sit around waiting for the bright flash marking the end of life in their world.

Russia is months away from achieving the objectives of their “Special Operation” – that of a completely demilitarized Ukraine. The criminal elements who took complete control of that country in 2014 seem willing to destroy life on Earth rather than give up their current throne at the summit of the dung heap.

The Chinese government has agreed to work WITH Russia ensuring the USofA will not come out on top of the next World War.

Sure looks insane to me.

Am I overlooking some positive aspect here?

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