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COVID in the news … lotsa links

I have been collecting the latest, up-to-datest news on what I continue to quite accurately call “biological warfare”, “false flag”, and “lamestream media propaganda”. Here are excerpts, links and a video clip from people who honor their professions in science, medicine and honest journalism.

The first video has one of those massively overused phrases “must watch” in its headline. I really dislike that abuse as it not only conveys nothing, but attempts to give me orders … not something I take … ever.

On the other hand, it is definitely worth 21 minutes of your time. Try it for a bit. I suspect you will agree.

One little quibble I have that detracts very little from what he and the others below present: Nearly all of them think the people who print all the fiat currencies worldwide created this “plague” at least in part for profit. I believe that is a small relatively inconsequential side-effect for them. While they are always willing to bleed the little people dry, they sure do not need to make a profit when their other goals are being met by any particular program

I embedded the Bitchute version here. Clicking the arrow merely starts the video right where it sits in this post of mine (not taking you to another website).

David Martin: From the International Covid Summit, European Parliament, Brussels.
Millions were killed with Covid-19 for profit.
“Covid-19 was an act of biological warfare perpetrated on the human race.
It was a financial heist.
Nature was hijacked.
Science was hijacked.”

The rest of my links may have text only or video and text combinations. I will provide the headline with a link and some excerpts from each article.

– Ted

Top Doctors Blast Federal Health Officials for Suppressing Covid Natural Immunity Science

Federal health officials have been slammed by serval top doctors over allegations the government suppressed scientific evidence on the effectiveness of natural immunity against Covid.

As the impact of pandemic fear-mongering among the public wanes, congressional Democrats are finally beginning to acknowledge that the shots have limitations.

During a hearing this week, Democrats and Republicans on the doctor-heavy House Oversight Coronavirus Pandemic Subcommittee invoked dueling studies on the durability of immunity from infection versus vaccination.

The United States is now almost alone in the policy of refusing to recognize natural immunity while subjecting millions of recovered Americans to work and school vaccine mandates.

UK Gov’t Declare ‘Population Emergency’: “Thousands of Vaccinated Brits Are Inexplicably Dying”

The British government has declared that the country is facing a ‘population emergency’ as hundreds of thousands of vaccinated citizens have dropped dead since the COVID jab was rolled out.

From May to December last year, there were almost 40,000 excess deaths in England and Wales in individuals who had received the mRNA vaccine.

Excess deaths are defined as the number of people who died above the five-year average and excludes deaths from Covid in 2020.

Ex-Pfizer VP: COVID Jabs Are ‘Deep State’ Bioweapons Intended To ‘Kill Billions of Humans’

Former Pfizer VP Dr. Michael Yeadon has revealed that the COVID vaccines are bioweapons designed to kill billions of people as part of a depopulation agenda by the Deep State.

Dr. Yeadon, who formerly served as Pfizer’s vice president and chief scientist, explained how he knew the COVID virus, with its subsequent mRNA vaccination campaign, was a “supranational operation” designed “to injure people, to maim and kill deliberately.”

Yeadon, who spent 32 years working as a Big Pharma executive, spoke to a reporter from Children’s Health Defense in March while attending a Truth be Told Rally in London.

Explaining how he came to the conclusion that the COVID pandemic was a depoulation plot by the globalists, Yeadon recalled that “when I started noticing former colleagues of mine, including Patrick Vallance, saying things on the television I knew weren’t true — and I knew he knew weren’t true — that’s when the penny dropped for me, probably [in] February 2020.”

On-Site at WHO: Blatant Demonic Globalist Plans

Kris Kubal, IFA Chief Program Officer | May 25, 2023

As you read this the World Health Organization (WHO) is meeting in Geneva–and without even a U.S. official present, they are taking steps to usurp America’s sovereignty through the guise of managing world health emergencies. Former congresswoman Michele Bachmann is on site at the meeting of the WHO in Switzerland, and is providing eyewitness accounts. No U.S. media is in sight. No Congressional members are there. As Bachmann reports, the WHO is preparing a package of 300 amendments to global health rules and a global treaty and not a single US representative is there to monitor or interject.

The World Health Assembly is the decision-making body of the WHO and has been working to “centralize authority, not just for pandemics, but for any health emergency, in the hands of the Director-General” of the WHO, Bachmann shares. This move has been laid out and positioned as a global health crisis management program. It. is. so. much. more.

Who Advances Plans For Global Vaccine Passports To ‘Protect Citizens’ From ‘Health Threats’

The World Health Organization (WHO) has just taken huge steps to advance its plans to roll out global digital vaccine passports.

The United Nations health body is reportedly adopting the system behind the European Union’s vaccine passports.

The unelected EU Commission says that the WHO will utilize the system to usher in global digital vaccine passports.

According to the EU Commission eurocrats, the digital Covid vaccine certification system will “better protect citizens” from “health threats” and “make travel easier” during the next pandemic.

Try Not to Laugh: A Covid Outbreak Happened at a CDC Conference With 99.4% of Attendees “Vaccinated”

by JD RUCKER May 29, 2023 in News

This shouldn’t be funny, but for some reason I literally chuckled when I saw it. The reason is obvious: The CDC and other “experts” have hammered the unvaxxed for over two years about how safe and effective the jabs were. And now, with Pandemic Panic Theater finally fading, a CDC conference with nearly 100% vaccination rate gets hit by a massive outbreak.

By no means should I find any humor in the suffering of others. But as someone who has been targeted for being unvaccinated, who has gone through financial challenges as a result of my unjabbed status, I still get a perverse hint of joy when stories like this pop up.

Yes, that makes me a bad person, but everyone’s bad in some way. With that said, here are the details by Zachary Stieber from our premium news partners at The Epoch Times:

TEDitor note: The Epoch Times link below takes you to their website with a popup that wants you to log in, or at the very least give them an e-mail address. They are good guys, in my opinion, so that is not necessarily a bad thing.

Most Infected in COVID Outbreak at CDC Conference Were Vaccinated, Agency Confirms

My closing clip is a video I edited so you can see it without GooGoo tracking your viewing and any Internet use that follows. Here is a link to the EewToob version (with some benefits to the video creator):

The horrible negative effect on lives discussed in this video barely scratches the surface. The actual numbers are astounding … and awful.

– Ted


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I decided to throw in a Post Script: a video I put to music and published November 8, 2021 of athletes dropping during live professional sports games.

My video hosting site insisted on an audio track, so I added the tune. Kind-of cute, but really not funny at all. I add it on here to say we were warned a long time ago.