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Sound of Freedom trailer – saving trafficked children – July 4th release

A courageous movie scheduled for theatrical release July 4th from Angel Studios.  This short trailer gives us a good idea of what it is about. Timely and important. 

Angel studios is trying for a huge opening day audience … two million to match the number of children they estimate are lost into slavery, torture and death every year. 

Below is the video trailer they produced advertising this film.

I am sure we COULD watch it home alone via the Internet, but who knows what great people you might meet if you turn out to a real theater for the July 4th opening day. Not to mention the message of support that would help signal.

Visit the Angel Studios website to learn more … and possibly help with their mission.

– Ted

Message to you from Angel Studios

Help bring Sound of Freedom to your local theaters:

1. Call or stop by your favorite local theaters and request they carry Sound of Freedom because you want to buy tickets.

2. Submit your contact information here and check back soon for more showtimes.

Thanks for helping drive Sound of Freedom into theaters.


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