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Nuclear war in Ukraine may spread

USofA has used artillery and tank munitions they call depleted uranium (DUh)”. That has a nice, innocuous ring, eh? However, the gamma radiation each round contains is highly toxic leaving a wide swath of cancers and birth defects wherever they are deployed.

The Russian government has made it quite clear that they consider NATO deployment of DUh in and around their country to be initiation of nuclear war. While they have committed to not starting it, they have also said that IF NATO starts it, the Russian military MAY respond in kind.

Their adamant resistance included the NATO (US State Department) proposal to include Ukraine as a NATO member and move nuclear weapons into Ukraine along the Russian border leaving them no defense against their use against Russians a short distance away … which is one of the main reasons for the ongoing Russian “Special Operation” with a stated and thus-far demonstrated goal of a demilitarized Ukraine.

Of course 47 unregulated USofA government sponsored bio-weapon labs in Ukraine were viewed with justifiable distrust as well.

Russia Claims They Collected Evidence of Avian Flu Pathogens with Lethality Rate up to 40% in Humans at US Biolab in Ukraine

I cannot claim that nuclear war danger is any greater concern to our health and well-being than their potential widespread deployment of biological weapons they seem to be working furiously to perfect and project. However, I do want to focus on the nukes for this post.

Despite their serious, repeated warnings, the western warmongers shipped DUhs to Ukraine. The Russian response was to 1) localize the gamma radiation into the area around the NATO bunker and to 2) prevent it from being deployed against Russians and their allies and spread around the Ukrainian and Russian countryside.

Utilizing a pair of major bunker-busters, the Russians destroyed the DUh storage sites. The chart to the left shows the spike in telltale gamma radiation following the bunker destruction.

On top of all that are the deployment of other nuclear weapons in nearby neutral, and the NATO-controlled areas around Ukraine and Russia, including navy-based nukes in the surrounding waters.

With NATO dissolving the nuclear proliferation treaty, demonstrating its willingness to use nukes, their insistence that Putin must be killed, AND the Russian nation destroyed, full-on nuclear war is clearly on the table.

Belarus, neighbor to both Ukraine and Russia is now hosting Russian nuclear weapons.

Belarus official: West left us no choice but to deploy nuclear arms
Alexander Volfovich, state secretary of Belarus’ Security Council, said it was logical that the weapons were withdrawn after the 1991 Soviet collapse as the United States had provided security guarantees and imposed no sanctions.

“Today, everything has been torn down. All the promises made are gone forever,” the Belta news agency quoted Volfovich as telling an interviewer on state television.

NATO (USofA) reaction to a tactical nuke taking out one of their assault forces is a major unknown, but the Russians (as well as their partner China) are prepared for the most stupid of all responses … and the almost instantly unfolding world-wide nuclear war that will surely follow.

And, of course, there is always this CIA specialty, The False Flag:
Will a nuclear event be triggered by the deep state in New York and be blamed on Russia?

Be prepared.


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