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The COVID shots that missed by a mile

The effectiveness of the biological weapon was severely compromised by millions of us who were not successfully misled. Better still, many of the hired guns deliberately missed their targets.  Look at this compilation below. 


most of the vaccines were replaced with saline shots.

At least 50% of the population have been vaccinated, if it was all poison, there would be 4 billion people dead.

Without the “vaccine” we would still be locked down, and the economy would have been Devastated.

We are at war, casualties are inevitable.

The enemy wanted 90% of human life exterminated, and the remaining survivors enslaved. (As written on the Georgia guidestones)

Good guys are winning.
Here’s a few examples…

Plastic surgeon injected kids with saline instead of COVID .
Jan 19, 2023 — The plastic surgery group allegedly squirted the 2,000 vaccine doses down the drain.

Thousands In Germany Thought They Had Their Vaccine. It May Have Been Saline Instead

Officials with Southwestern Public Health are sharing more details about how some people got injected with saline solution instead of a COVID-19 booster shot at a St. Thomas vaccine clinic last month.

Patients at Minnesota clinic received saline instead of COVID-19 vaccine

Aaaaand the militaries involvement in the distribution of the vaccines (where they were replaced with saline shots)

DOD Identifies More Troops to Help Administer COVID-19 Vaccine
Right now, about 6,235 active duty service members have been identified by the Defense Department to support COVID-19 vaccination centers

Military’s Role in Vaccine to Be Strictly Behind the Scenes
Dec 2, 2020 — The military says it can use its airplanes and helicopters to deliver vaccines to remote locations

Military COVID-19 Vaccine Distribution and Administration
The Military Health System is responsible for the administration of the Covid vaccine to approximately 11.1 million beneficiaries

Now, of course, the military cannot be every where at once. Some of the vaccines were real. We are at war, Casualties are inevitable. Everything we consume has been poisoned. Water, Food, Pharmaceutical drugs, Air we breathe(chemtrails), The space we occupy(5g), Your LED lights are poisoning you, The screen your looking at right now is poisoning you (blue light).

But like I said, 50% of the population have been vaccinated and if it were all poison, there would be 4 billion people dead by now.

We have been attacked from every possible angle. It will take a while to clean up this shit-show. That’s why Military is the only way, and it is critical that we wake up as many people as we can, as soon as possible.