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FAUX Tucker termination

I have considered FOX News to be controlled opposition for most of my aware years, writing and publishing about it in those terms here for about seven years now.

Nothing has changed my opinion, but they are sure on many observer radars now with the exit of far and away their most popular show host. It is said by many that Tucker Carlson is significantly more popular than FOX itself. That seems likely to me.

It is also apparent that neither market share ratings nor earned advertising revenues are primary motivators to their main purposes. Global bankers, global mainstream media, global politicians, global governmental bureaucracies, global militaries and the whole world-wide power structure all report to a very small board of directors. It is an integrated whole with UN Agenda 2030 containing their published objectives.

While they may or may not get their way in the long run, there is absolutely NO WAY a large television broadcast network Slipped by their control.

Similarly, those thinking that Tucker is on our side against The Deep State have been sipping a little too much tainted Kool-Aid. He and Fox exist to keep those who have escaped the more obvious propaganda outlets from straying completely outside of their rings of influence. Some truths are okay, but others are strictly verboten.

Those listed in the panel to the right here were among the confirming bits supporting my “controlled opposition” view of Carlson as well as Faux News.

Nevertheless, the FOX crash is fun to watch

They were willing to nuke their Faux tool, and keep their Tucker tool alive, perhaps strengthening it.

Their wholly-owned corporate conglomerates will continue to advertise on Faux. Cultural destruction will continue to be their main message.

Color me surprised when Tucker’s messages continue to track within the same constraints, avoiding the same “don’t go there” subjects as he always has.

They are hoping his expulsion from the media giant will captivate a few more of the anti-deep-state crowd, and bring them under their influence.

I suspect they might catch some low-hanging fruit and wobblers, but that for the most part, WE are smarter than THEY are, and smarter than they think we are.

I’ll take you on to the show, just in case you have been living under a rock and missed it.

Recently, Babylon Bee has been more accurate and honest the the lamestream counterparts. This is merely one example:

Fox News Fires The Only Reason People Watch Fox News
Apr 24, 2023 ·

From The People’s Voice .tv:
After Firing Tucker Carlson, Fox News Loses Nearly $1 Billion In Value

From The
People are canceling Fox Nation subscriptions after Tucker Carlson and the network split

From the DC Enquirer:
‘Worst Ratings Since Pre-9/11’: Fox News Sees Viewership COLLAPSING In Key Demographic Following Tucker Carlson Departure

From World Net Daily (
Fox News a big ratings loser after Tucker ouster

Tucker Carlson’s Twitter Video Beats Old Fox News Time Slot Within an Hour
On Monday, Fox News executives announced that they were parting ways with Carlson, who consistently scored the highest-rated show on the network and beat all major media competitors like CNN and MSNBC in the prime time 8:00 p.m. time slot.

Carlson took to Twitter on Wednesday evening, posting a video of himself giving a monologue about the establishment media’s framework and how pundits work with Washington, DC, lawmakers in both political parties to suppress opinions among Americans on the “undeniably big topics” facing the United States.

Within the first hour of Carlson’s posting to Twitter, the video received some 1.8 million views — more than the 1.7 million views that his old Fox News time slot at 8:00 p.m. got the night before.

From The Epoch Times .com April 28th:
Fox News Ratings Drop 56 Percent After Tucker Carlson’s Exit
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