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choosing good cheer – be happy

Sure the globalists, banksters, or whatever moniker we apply to the evil ones have wrecked much of what is wonderful, beautiful, joyful and pleasant in this world, but there is still much loveliness to be appreciated. Savor, celebrate what goodness we have.

A good friend half my age is a specialist in finding the black cloud inside every silver lining. I work on him with modest success at best to pull him away from the angry, dark world he chooses to inhabit. We see the same evils, but I choose to focus more on what remains unsullied and what liberties I retain despite the looming police state.

Between these two positions lies preparing for what evil and deprivation may come our way and keeping our spirits strong, vibrant, healthy.

The unaware will likely be shocked and emotionally crushed in later stages of this 4th-generation war. I doubt those who live angrily and incapacitated in the looming darkness while it approaches will be much better off.

Find beauty.

Find love.

Find joy.

Have fun.

You are surrounded by it.

Build your emotional, physical strength. It may be important, but fershur is a better place to live.

I realized that my focus here is almost always doom and gloom. I do take breaks to enjoy nature, friends, family, puttering. Make sure you do that too. I will return to my regular reporting. I just wanted to toss this into the mix.


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