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anniversary reminders from Waco

In a just world, Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms would be well beyond any sort of feral government jurisdiction. In our out-of-control oligarchy, ATF is a rogue agency infamous for burning a church to the ground while surrounding snipers kept families, men, women and children from escaping.

Slick Willy Clinton and AG Reno presided over this slaughter that they felt would justify AFT’s continued existence and budget.

They blew up the Edward R. Murrow building in Oklahoma City for similar reasons. On that day none of the ATF employees showed up for work and none of their children went to the in-house daycare.

The FIB is just as bad. Some think it has gone over to the criminal side. I think it was built that way from the very beginning. J Edgar Hoover built blackmail files on every prominent politician enabling him to remain in charge of an agency while it grew like a virulent cancer… only recently to become known as a den of vipers and theives.

WACO & OKC False Flag Anniversaries today:
LIES by the FBI – The Branch Davidians – Waco, Texas
WACO – A New Revelation – Documentary
Waco – The Rules Of Engagement – Documentary