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They Live among us, but they are not like us

“THEY” have some rule that mandates them to tell us what they are going to do TO US before they actually do it. The 1988 movie They Live is one such production.

Check out these two trailers I merged into this one video clip. You probably get the drift without having to watch the whole movie … which shows its 25-year-old age. An update would be slicker, but give you no additional useful information.

They Live depicts our world inhabited by normal humans and by some very different beings that only appear to be human. The protagonist happens across some magical glasses that expose the other world and other beings cohabitating ours… and, much worse, CONTROLLING OURS.

In the movie, the humans fight back. In our reality, that has yet to occur.

What brings this to the fore is as a possible explanation for the inhumane treatment the exempt-from-our-laws beings inflict on humans.

I instinctively apply the word “inhumane” to them, but that leads me to the possibility that they are simply, literally not human. I have called them sociopaths and psychopaths, but what if those who talk of aliens, lizard people and subterranean beings are closer to the truth?

That may explain their non-human behaviors better that the way I have been viewing them.

All this comes to mind as I prepare to present some of their nasty sides … as tastefully as possible.


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