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plague plan – they told us about it in 2017

This excerpt to the right from the 2017 movie Unlocked lays out their plan for medical martial law.

The perverts, Satanists, “the others” own Hollyweird, and also have some cultural rule that they have to tell us what they plan to do TO US before they do it (Georgia Guidestones, Agenda 21, Agenda 2030, 1984, Brave New World, They Live, etcetera).

Here we have their introduced plague plan on display six years ago in the movie.

Thus far it has not worked as they played it, but they are not finished with this act yet. Count on it.

Faucci recently announced a more virulent plague for next year. I’m betting they call the fatal results of the vaxx/booster/5G program by a new name. Those they killed will be their rationale for the dreamed-of lockdown, control system displayed in every dystopian movie and book describing their dream world.

They think this will go according to their plans.

We will see.

P.S. The conversion tool I use to make eew toob videos available without the tracking and data mining does put a little choppiness into them. Clean copies are available at eew toob.


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