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the best laid plans + 2022 election fraud

The best laid plans of mice and men often go awry

I thought I was going to take some time to restart my blogging service. I found myself straightening, organizing my shop, studio spaces, as well as my meat-space community contacts and interacting with friends instead. Not bad things, but also not what I promised myself and you last Thursday.

I have not been away from digesting the news from my favored sources. I just have not been sharing here much of what I learn there. I think I have come up with a plan for improving that.

For quite a while, I have been refining and storing quotes, memes, photos, videos, and interesting bits in folders on my computer. This last week I refined and categorized web page links into nineteen topic headings, folders.

My new plan (see above) is to share these clusters of information here on a regular basis, perhaps even daily. Given my recent track record, I hesitate to state my hopes any stronger than that.

I could have selected any of those 19 topics for lead-off, but it strikes me that the fake 2022 election is as good as anyplace to start. Once you catch a glimpse of what they quite obviously did and are doing in that regard, a whole lot of other “anomalies” fall into place.

My saved resources are both the memes I paste into this page as well as the links that serve as footnotes and supporting information. I will intersperse both.

“I Seriously Feel Like We Are Watching the First Wholly Manufactured Election in Our History” – Roger Stone on the 2022 Election

“I seriously feel like we are watching the first wholly manufactured election in our history, in which all of the key competitive races have had the results directly programmed by the cabal. The most crushing economic conditions, rampant crime, reckless foreign/nuclear war flirtations, and the most aggressive perverse assaults on family and parental rights in history, all topped off by an embarrassing unpopular disaster in the White House leading a shrill, tin-eared bellicose fascist junta that appears indifferent to the ordeal they are inflicting on working people…and yet the Democrat monolith is barely dented.

Either the country has large states filled with brainwashed zealots who are too stupid and mindless to comprehend the reality of the collective damage they are ratifying with their votes for at best lackluster at worst appallingly deficient if not retarded candidates….or we are seeing direct black box voting manipulation at the level of final tabulations being perpetrated on a scale that renders typical ballot and voter fraud schemes unnecessary anachronisms as the decisive votes that have now kept the ruling junta largely intact, or at most just a hair from having an operating majority, are literal fabrications piled onto Democrat vote totals by a few keystrokes entered in some master election hacking operation run by IC criminals in league with and part of the Democrat Crime Syndicate.”

You have most likely seen, heard and read a lot of this. I assemble bits here you might have missed, or to reinforce what you did catch. It is so ridiculous that I have resisted putting much of it up. Nevertheless, it is the foundation for the follies that followed… and will follow on subsequent posts.

A lot of observers, comments and memes call it a “Democrat” problem. The theater is not quite as simple as their left-wing, right-wing view suggests.

Left wing, right wing – It is the same bird.

No matter how much I or you may wish it to be so, there is no messiah, good fairy or knight is white shining armor coming to save us. We have to do that ourselves. With a little bit of luck, I can help with the arms and armor we will need to do our share.

Meanwhile, back to this post as a foundation…

We all saw the 2022 campaign. Trump had oceans of adoring fans filling stadiums, lining miles of highway, flooding social media, creating boat flotillas, waving TRUMP flags and so on. Biden had NOTHING.

The BIG POINT is that even Trump is tolerating, playing along with this scam. The media is pretending that Biden won. The world is laughing at us … but all “western nation” elections are just as bad, ridiculous and fraudulent. None of what the press likes to call “world leaders” are legitimate… and without significant followings, they most certainly are NOT LEADERS.

The good news is that The People are waking up.

The presstitutes and politicians thought they could get away with anything and everything. As it turns out, there is actually a limit to normal human stupidity. The psychopaths at the top of this dung heap didn’t think so. I was beginning to wonder, but the groundswell is moving in our direction.

Myriad of problems with election equipment, voting tabulators in key states raise early suspicions about vote fraud in midterms

(Natural News) With many regions of the country reporting record turnouts for midterm elections on Tuesday, what we’ve also seen is an alarmingly large number of problems with voting machines, tabulators, and cyberattacks.

The problems began early in Maricopa County, Ariz., for instance, where reports claimed that one-in-five polling sites, or 20 percent, were experiencing “‘issues’ with tabulation machines just hours after Election Day polls opened,” reported Fox News Digital.

The US Air Force trained me to be a computer operator in 1969. I have been in and out of that industry ever since. I have well understood computers and computer programmers from then on. There is NO WAY to make a trustworthy computerized voting tabulation system. THAT will never happen.

What will happen is that the system operators and overseers will get the results they want.

We will get what we accept.

And that, dear friends, is showing signs of crumbling in front of massive mischief.

One more link to a relevant web page – exposing corrupt courts that are part and parcel of all this, then I will close with a series of memes – cleaning out my collection of Election Fraud 2022.

Arizona Court Rejects Kari Lake’s Appeal of 2022 Gubernatorial Election Results


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