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It is not like I don’t see the world and human cultures swirling around the drain in a slimy sludge. So much ugliness, hitting us from every direction. I think we are witnessing the thrashing death throes of a particularly ugly beast.

Earth’s imminent super-nova has put me in a mind of savoring the moments before with as much joy and relaxation as I can squeeze into life rather than spending time on blog posts. I know. You noticed.

However, the monster class is pulling out all the stops (as if there were some) to attack us from every direction imaginable along with thousands we have been unequipped to even imagine. Among them are increasingly shrill pronouncements from their media monopolies along with a huge ramping up of censorship and squashing of dissenting voices.

Even squeaky little ones may turn out to be important. So I am back.

Whether or not globalist Team A loses to globalist Team B it won’t change as much of the assaults on humanity as rational people might hope. I think Team A has lost. The battle will linger a bit longer, but none of the world’s hyper-wealthy got there by accident or acumen. They are all ‘made men’, or products of the insiders perpetuating their positions through generations.

Musk, Trump, Putin, and so many others seem okay on the surface, but don’t do any scratch-and-sniff experiments on them unless you have a strong stomach.

Current distractions include the Messiah Trump theater, men displacing women as athletes, models, wives, mothers and any other place that might destroy coherent culture. Oh there is a lot more. I’ll hit HAMMER on some of them soon.

But what are they distracting you from?

#1: The dollar is done.

There is nothing new, original, or surprising about this. It was baked into the cake from the outset. The replacement may be called BRICS, FedCoin or anything else, but if you do not physically hold it, or IF they offer it electronically, do not hesitate … RUN as if your future depended on it. Barter, exchange, silver and gold are the only currencies with real futures.

#2: NATO, US State Department, CIA, and other usual subjects are trying for nuclear war. It is pretty hard to stop them when their hearts and minds (neither of which do they show signs of actually having) are HELL BENT on having it.

Russia was cornered into taking Ukraine back. NATO refused all attempts to broker peaceful coexistence. Worse, in addition to USofA bio-weapon labs along the Russian border, they want to install nuclear missiles there too. Nope. Unsurprisingly, Putin and his countrymen find that unacceptable.

Next up NATO has announced they will do the same stupid thing to Finland, which also shares a long border with Russia. Calling it merely “stupid” is actually more polite than the truth. This will have to blow up – and the explosion will not be good.

How do you know when your source is lying about the “special operation” in Ukraine? They continue to pretend the Russians are not winning, and that laundering more billions of dollars through their puppet government will fix something useful.

#3: Eliminating and poisoning the food supply is well on its way to being felt powerfully by The Little People. Add deliberate air, water and soil pollution to the droughts, flooding and GMO altering of anything not yet ruined and we have the stage set for mass starvation.

Which brings up…

#4: War within our borders. They have imported several armies who hate US, and splintered all their deliberately created subgroups of the ones who had been getting along handsomely before the gay Kenyan began the cultural destruction. Throw in a little Soros riot money incentives on top of widespread hunger and we ought to see this show start soon.

#5: USofA global hegemony is over. It is widely known that USofA operators blew up the Nordstream Pipeline that had been delivering low-cost Russian gas to energy hungry Europe. State Department blocking of the United Nations investigation changed nothing. Nearly every European knows exactly who to blame for their energy shortages and crisis-level prices.

It seems spectacularly stupid, but that is often obfuscation for evil. While there may be some limit on the former, these people have no limits on the latter.

China is on the rise. Russia’s economy (and war machine) is booming. USofA is collapsing economically, morally, culturally and militarily (all by design). BRICS (the likely next world currency) is making itself felt in worldwide trade.

I need to go out and enjoy the sunshine today.

I will be covering much of the above in the near future.


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