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NATO’s pointless sacrifice of men and machines

NATO countries have said they can give no more war machines to Ukraine. According to them, their own supplies are below mission levels for their own defenses. Then one of the key globalist figures issued a “WE MUST” save Ukraine AT ALL COSTS – or we have lost our dream of ruling the world.

In this first video, I set the stage for the second. Much of what I say in it is written here on this post, but of course telling it covers a lot more territory faster than writing it.

As they wait for the dry season to finish this exercise, the Russians have eliminated all Ukrainian air defense systems as well as all aircraft. By the end of the Ukrainian wet, muddy season (June) Russian movement across Ukraine will be swift and decisive.

Meanwhile, some NATO tanks and helicopters were made available after all. It is kind-of difficult to keep movements of those machines and crews secret, so a warm Russian welcome was planned. Immediately after crossing the border into Ukraine, they were all eliminated. Those “unaffordable” NATO machines and experienced crews have simply ceased to exist.

It is an incredibly sad waste of human life and energy, but I find fault with those who sent them to attack Russians, not those who thwarted those attacks before they could do harm.

One thing for certain: The truth is not coming our way from western media sources. I wonder if western decision makers are receiving the messages they demand, or The Truth. Either way, their decisions are awful, and they are clearly outmatched, strategically, tactically, cognitively and militarily. Everything they do merely delays the inevitable, destroys resources, and wastes human lives.

The video below is of the NATO tank and helicopter welcoming committee at work.
The helicopters fire off their flares attempting to deceive incoming missiles – that are not even slightly confused about their targets.

I do not know who to attribute this video to. It claims to be available only to Chinese viewers – obviously that is untrue.

Clearly the Russian forces inserted in to the Eastern Ukrainian border were well supplied and positioned to eliminate the threat before it could do harm.

They demonstrate impressive tools and skills. I sure wouldn’t mind having them in my neighborhood.

The enemy of my enemy …