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Which pending disaster will hurt worse?

As an aside, my still camera records decent videos, but makes extra work for me to publish on my Brighteon host site channel. The camera cut this one into two parts as I talked a half a minute over its limit. Plus Brighteon insists on a format change from my camera’s native tongue.

That challenged me to use video editing tools… worse, to conquer a technological tool at least on a basic level. I don’t really want to expend my brain horsepower on such things. Sigh. But, I made lemonade out of that bag of lemons.

As I couldn’t get the clips to line up how I wanted, I tossed in a modified still photo (Linux version of Photoshop) AND a short audio track as an intro. It amuses me. I hope you enjoy it too. I liked it enough that I may try to replicate that intro on future recordings.

On to the main event:

The outline, notes I was working from is as follows:

Which would hurt worse?

World War (Lindsey Graham)
Gun controlled police state
executive order dictatorship
Economic collapse
Grid collapse
Distribution system breakdown
Cultural uncivil war
foreign invasion shooting war
(few women & children “refugees”)

Executive Order – oh yeah, send the one regional ATF paper pusher to forcibly disarm all the hunters and veterans… That ought to be fun to watch.


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